Denver, Colorado
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Walmart lies about supporting ethics, yet are against religious freedoms, due to the religious freedom bills they are against. And they advocate *** rights and government control of your operations take precedence over constitutionally protected freedoms of religion, and they proclaim fairness and non discrimination:

They have discriminated against me in canceling my charge account, clearly they choose which discrimination is goign to be policy.

I am also going to re evaluate my patronage of Walmart to the extent I do because of the hate displayed to religious beliefs in WANTING the government to impose secular sanctions against other business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

Reason of review: company policy.

Walmart Cons: Never enough cashiers, Long waits.

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They cancelled your card and because of that they have discriminated against you? Get a life will ya. Your post is *** and has no grounds.


I, also, have stopped shopping at Wal-Mart because of their war against Christians. I was going in their store every morning before work.

I spent thousands of dollars there. I now go to Publix before work, and shop at k-mart and target. I quit buying coke products for the same reason.

I am getting used to Pepsi, and drinking more water and iced tea. I believe all I have comes from the Lord, and I will not use it to dishonor him.


What the *** did I just read? Prove it dude.