Poplar Bluff, Missouri
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I have never in my life been in a walmart store this bad before.

At around 10pm they shut down all but one entrance, at around 11pm they shut down all but one register, at around 12am they shut down all registers and have only the self checkouts available.

I have photos of how they block the entire isle with pallets so you cant go down them at all or you cant cut across.. you have to go all the way around to get to what you need. For example, the South entrance was closed because it was after dark...so I went in the North entrance and walked straight ahead without realizing that in order to get to the mens clothing..which i was going to cut across to get to..I had to go all the way back to the entrance or all the way back to the milk and then back track.

They completely block off the beer with pallets of water ( I have photos). While in the store I called the manager to let them know about the pallets of water and the manager (female) tells me that they stopped selling beer at 10pm. I questioned her by asking,"Really? You stop selling beer at 10pm on Friday night??" she tells me to hang on a minute and then gets back on the line to tell me she was mistaken and the water will be moved.

Every time ...EVERY time I have been back at night and walked by that isle they have the beer blocked off with pallets of water.

The employees block the isles and are rude if you need by to get something.

I had a checker get hateful with me because I was paying with one dollar bills (my total was $60) and he told me I should have cashed them in at the bank before I did my shopping. I informed him that if he kept it up I would seek him out and pay with quarters the next time.

I don't do extreme couponing or anything of that sort but on occasion I will a few to use. It is a fight EVERY SINGLE TIME! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to read the coupons. For instance, ( I get this a lot) if a manufacturers coupon says, $1.00 off 130oz or larger Tide they will tell me I cant use it because I got the 160oz bottle and the coupon is for the 130oz. I am really quite sick of having to teach your checkers how to do their job.

I have started doing my of my shopping online and my grocery shopping at my local aldi and kroger store. I am slowly phasing out this walmart...not ALL walmart stores...Just mine.

It seems like ever since this walmart got a new manager it has gone to *** in a handbag and no one wants to do anything to fix it.

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It does not matter if they stop selling beer after ten anyways because judging from your childish attitude and behavior you are way too young to buy beer, 8 is too young to be drinking and out this late anyway. Also the stores close lines and entrances at certain times because they get less people than, they close lines and registers as well. Learn to wait patiently, and learn that the world does not revolve around you.


If the coupon says it is for 130 oz. of Tide, why should you think you can use it on the 160 oz Tide.

Rules are rules. It sounds like you are quite egotistical and have some growing up to do.


Most of your complaints seem like standard procedures. Every non-24 hour store ive ever shopped at closes all but one door and only has self check open between about 11pm and 6am.

The pallets are also pretty standard. They can't pull the pallets out during high traffic hours of the day so they have to stock them at night and since they are big, they are going to block some things. Now, as far as the beer thing, in my state, I know that there is a cutoff time in which you can purchase alcohol but I'm not 100 percent sure on when it is because my local store closes at 11pm. I know you can't buy it before noon on Sundays either.

This isn't Walmart rule, its state law.

This varies from start to state though, so look into your local laws. As far as the coupons, well, everybody makes mistakes.