Ephrata, Pennsylvania
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I know prices are going up. But Wal mart is one of the biggest chains about.

Therefore they should be able to keep prices lower than other stores.

So what is going on? Are you taking advantage of the situation so you can fill your pockets?

I can get a big can of Folgers decaf coffee one dollar cheaper at K mart.

I guess what people say is true, your making a fool out of the average guy.

I spent a ton of dollars at your store because it is close to where I live, because you drove all the other store out. I am mad.

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I hear ya all, prices are going up everywhere...Wal-Mart will price comp anything you have Proof of the price at another store; however I generally just go to the other store anymore (cough Smith's) because I can get the prices without having to point all over a newspaper, and holding up the irritable line; plus I accumulate coupons/earn gift money, and I get change off my weekly gas fillup. I go to WalMart once a month, for non-food items I can't get closer to home.

Most of my WalMart shopping involves my looking online and making a list.

Also check Kmart online, and Target. Usually Walmart is cheaper on non-food items than the other two places.


perhaps getting a job would help you afford your Wal*mart expenses.


Some retailers play games with their customers by dropping prices huge, huge, huge, then raise them after a short time. Wal-Mart tries to have low prices consistently without the up and down game.

So your other stores may have lower prices for a while, but not long term.

If they do, tell WM about it and they will sell identical items at the compeitiors price. Its very easy for them to do, I used to work there.


Yes we understand that walmart is a huge company, But try to understand this every store stands on their on two feet. Meaning every store is responsible for making their money.

They must pay their employees which has just gone up by the way. Also they have to cover insurance and other benefits for thier associates. Rightly so, if a store doesn't make their money big daddy walmart doesn't send them a check to make the difference - associates hours get cut, they hire less people meaning fewer registers to check out, and they get shut down after awhile. Also the price of food is going up because the gas is high to fill the trucks up to get it there.

So everything is a trickle down situation. If you found it cheaper somewhere else let them know and they will comp it for you.