Fairfield, Iowa
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Probably spend a 100.00 in store a month or more. Got a bad watermelon and told your service center about it and they said had to bring watermelon in.

Really. Had receipt showing I spent $180.00 that day. Watermelon was 3.90. Do not have 100 words to say but thought this such of been taken care without any question, Hope you take care of this matter.

Have filed my complaint so do not have any thing else to say.

You have nice stores every where and will continue to trade at one of your stores . Thank you

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $4.

Walmart Cons: Think i was not telling truth.

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If you are not willing to bring the watermelon in it is obvious that you are lying and trying to get your money back for a product you did not eat. No proof no return. It is called common sense which even a seven year old would know.


Regardless of whether it's a $600 tv or $3.90 watermelon or $.60 pack of gum, if you have a piece of defective merchandise the stores need for you to bring the item in question back to them. If it's not worth bringing in the watermelon for $3.90 it's not worth complaining over.


You have to look at it from their perspective. How do they know that just because you have a receipt stating that you purchased a watermelon that you didn't bring it home, eat it then ask for a refund or another watermelon because yours was bad without them ever seeing it?

It may not seem like $3.90 is much to a big company like Walmart and really it isn't however if they allow one customer a refund or exchange then they would have to do it for everybody and people do tend to take advantage. Its not an unreasonable request to have you bring back the bad watermelon to show proof that it actually WAS bad, don't you think?


ain't no such thing as a bad watermelon. Send that *** down here to me, I eats it.


I bought a coconut that was rotten one time. I called the store and told them and they said to come in and they would replace it.

I specifically asked if I needed to bring the coconut in and was told no. When I got to the store with my receipt the first thing they asked was "did you bring the coconut back".

I said no and they tried to deny the exchange. I spoke with a manager and he straightened everything out for me and I left with a new coconut and it was delicious.