Sanford, North Carolina
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last I shopped at my local Walmart---the cashier was very unfriendly.she heavy items on two packages of cookies and smashed themthe heavy items on a loaf of bread and smashed it. My wife bagged some items so other items would not be damaged. The cashier did not like that of course, and it showed.we have checked out in her line before, thought she was just having a bad day; thought we would give her another chance. That will be the last time for us in her check out line. The cookies were so crumbled that we could not save them, and they almost $3.00/pk.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: not happy with cahsier.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Poor customer service.

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Complain directly to the store manager, no one else.


she heavy items on two packages of cookies and smashed them...