Avon Park, Florida
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I checked out at self check out, when I checked my receipt I see that I was charged for a 20.00 gift card, which I had not, was than told to go to customer service, they had to look at the camera to make sure I didn't steal a card. In the mean time my frozen groceries are defrosting, and I am made to feel to like a thief.

I asked for an apology which I did not receive, they told me they were giving me back my money. Are you kidding me????

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What did you expect them to do? If they didn't check, anyone could scan a gift card and claim they hadn't purchased it.

More than likely someone grabbed a gift card, scanned it and left with it hoping the next person to use the register didn't notice and would pay for their card. Blame the *** that scanned the card, not Walmart.