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The Hipaa laws allow me to shop without a mask period. My condition is nobodys business but mine, period.

I understand your employees have to ask but once I tell them that I cant wear a mask they need to leave me alone. If they keep it up I hope they know its federal offense to practice medicine Without a license.

Im not gonna record with my phone for sake of your employees privacy, and get it of whats going on, but yal dont have authority, the power, of the law to do that. Thanks and have a nice day.

Walmart Pros: People were willing to help.

Location: 5501 Sherwood Way, San Angelo, TX 76904

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Hey boomer, why didn’t you call the police with all these employees running around practicing medicine without a license? Huh?

You did nothing but go to the parking lot and post here. Shop elsewhere.


I totally agree,It violates federal law s of Discrimination and Violates our Civil Rights also violates wallmarts own policy! *** WALL MART time for a Class Action Lawsuit!


Hippa laws have nothing to do with mask requirements. If you don't want to be socially responsible and wear a mask STAY HOME. People a sick as you claim to be should be avoiding crowded stores for their own good anyway.

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