Scranton, Pennsylvania

I would like to submit a complaint about the whiny baby asswipes who go into Walmart and expect to be treated like royalty. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you shop at Walfart:

1) You, the customer, are NOT always right. In fact, most of you are illiterate neanderthals who cannot read the price on a sticker or understand return policies or the terms of warranties you purchase.

2) You have no right to abuse the staff. No "chunking" cabbages. No calling names. No swearing.

3) If you need help with something, duh, ask. Standing around wringing your hands, pouting, and staring wistfully at nearby employees does NOT indicated you need assistance with something. However, "Excuse me, can you help me?" DOES indicate you would like some help.

4) You get what you pay for. Want something done cheap, fast, and easy? It's probably not going to be the best work. Want a good deal? It's not going to last long. Want cheap food? It's not going to taste the greatest.

5) Handicapped people. Now, don't think I'm callous. I'M disabled. I cannot walk. Do I walk in there thinking everyone better cater to me? No. I do my shopping on days when I am well, and I bring a family member with me. I wait my turn in lines, I do not cut. I do not push my way through aisles. I do not have a sense of entitlement. And neither should any of you. Asswipes.

6) If you drive 50 miles round trip for PEPPERS, and the cashier couldn't tell the difference and overcharged you $3, so what? You probably paid more in gas to get there and back. Get over it. ***

7) Mrs. Lea: Sit on it and spin. No one likes you. No one cares about you or your complaints. No one cares about your husband, who I am beginning to think is either imaginary or is a cat, like in Date Movie.

Ok, that is it for now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Well said!


How do you get an "innocent" white man to stop posting racist jokes on the internet? Kick him in the face repeatedly until he's unconscious.


How do you get a bunch of black men to stop attacking an innocent white man? Throw a basketball and a bucket of chicken at them.


Very amusing site


I hate racists. Ignorant, ***, uneducated racists. Go stick your head in a wood chipper, asswipes.


Putos gringos chillones why you go to walmert ? por que esta barato.

The *** whitetrash people and *** crackers go to walmart to spende their food stamps. *** Walmart all employees are *** panjabis from india smelly and retards.

*** *** de quejosos


Putos gringos chillones why you go to walmert ? por que esta barato.

The *** whitetrash people and *** crackers go to walmart to spende their food stamps. *** Walmart all employees are *** panjabis from india smelly and retards.

*** *** de quejosos


I hate *** I hate ugly, bootlipped, blue gummed *** Blue gummed apes are the problem with this country. I hate *** Smelly, uneducated, lazy, ignorant, violent, angry, nappy headed, ashy *** I would rather have my d-ick bitten off by a gator, then be in the presence of a feral, baggetball playing, food stamp collecting *** buck, sheboon, or niglet.


I love reading dumb customers complain and then getting chewed out by the smartys :)


I found this thread thoroughly amusing.

But yea the original poster is correct. Customers are not always right. The person who coined that phrase was the one collecting the profits, not dealing with the customers.

God I'm glad I don't work in retail.


:D MsLea, thank you for the funniest thing I've read all night! That was priceless! "undercooked meat" "on purpose" Oh my goodness :D!!!


MsLea, good customers come first and are the reason why stores make money. people like you make stores lose money when you constantly steal and constantly try to get stores to give you discounts and sales from a long time ago.

and MsLea, I also think you need to take care of your drinking problem. then maybe you'll finally stop being such a miserable piece of ***


Ms Lea you fail to see when a customer makes a fool of herself in the store her business is not welcome. Seriously they won't lose money from you and go out of business. They don't care where your husband works.


Whatever happened to customer service. When I went to County Line Liquors in Springdale, AR yesterday - the clerk REFUSED TO SERVE ME-THE CUSTOMER!

I AM SO VERY MAD AT HER. She said it was against the law to serve an intoxicated person any liquor. She said she saw me vomiting in the parking lot in front of her store. HOW DARE SHE!

The vomit wasn't from was from a young punk at Taco Bell who was at the drive thru window.

The punk must undercooked the meat on purpose causing me to throw up.

When the young dumb clerk told me to leave County Line Liquors, I told her that my husband, who works at Wal-Mart's home office, was going to hear about her rudeness. And so what if I had a few drinks before going to the liquor sore and if I was driving--the other cars know to swerve if I came into their lane.


"All customers come first. They keep you in business." Nobody wants your business, MrsIGetWhatIWantBecauseMyHusbandIsAWalmartHomeOfficeJanitorLea.


It also applies to nursing. Try having a full bedpan thrown at you because the patient wants an extra pain pill...when he just had it less than an hour ago. Asswipes.


BooFricketyHoo, you hit the nail on the head. This applies EVERYWHERE, not just Walmart.

Kroger's, Best Buy, Sears, Macy, Fast Food places, Furniture Stores, Airlines, Gyms, Supply shops.

I'm happy to see employees fighting back. THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!


All customers come first. They keep you in business.


I always find it hilarious that when anyone calls out the entitled idiots that frequent this site and that we run into every day we shop yelling at cashiers about a price or holding up the returns desk because they are trying to return something from 6 years ago, they automatically must 'work there', and they 'don't deserve their job'.

I'll let you in on something 'growup'.

I worked in retail while I was a student in college. It sucked, but it was a job, and it paid the bills somewhat so I stuck with it until I finished my degree.

Now that I'm out, I can say that I do have one good thing to say about people like you: you are a great inspiration to finish a degree, get out, and start making more money than you will ever make. Have fun screaming at a kid at the returns desk who is busy working 2 jobs to finance his or her education and will someday be making three times as much money as you.


Grow up, read what BooFricketyHoo said. just because someone complains about customers doesn't mean that work for the store that's being discussed or that they work retail at all.

some people, whether they work retail, have worked retail or never have just understand how dumb customers can be.

MsLea, good customers come first.

whiny little girls like you can wait because a store would rather lose you instead of keep you. but then again, you're fake and never leave the house unless it's fast food related.