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I am a single mother and when I had a flat tire I had to ask my dad for some help with money to get some tires. So since he lives away from me he sent the money Walmart 2 walmart.

I checked the web to see when the money center was closed and it stated 10pm so I went about my business going and getting my tires leaving me completely broke but I knew I still had the money to pick up from Walmart so it was okay. Then when I got there at 8:10 and discovered that apparently they close at 8 I was very upset. The staff was not accomadating although it was walmarts fault that I was late due to there website not updated come to find out for the last 2 years it's been wrong and still is. Plus they were extremely rude and cold all except one women everyone else was horrible.

They just kept saying to call corporate saying the number to fast to punch into my phone and walking away rudely. The front end manager was the worst he even turned around his name tag so I wouldn't have his name. Finally I was able to get corporate on the phone after getting a runaround about the store number from all the staff which they know is needed to call the complaint line and they directed me to ask to talk to the highest manager in the store at that time so I got the assistant manager and he said that if it had been right after 8 then he could open the money center and complete the transaction but since it was now about 8.50 there was no way again walmarts fault because I was there at 8.10 even though I thought it closed at 10 I was still there very close to 8 and had the rude employees just contacted him in the first place then they could have helped me but they didn't and the assistant didn't either and he told me to come back there at 7 am and he would help me personally and open the money center early.

So the next day I came in at 7.30 and come to find out he wasn't even working and he didn't leave any instructions for anyone to help me so I had to explain everything again and they finally opened it early at about 7.50 so not really early but a little and I finally got my money. Update your website and fire rude employees.

User's recommendation: Call don't look at the website it's not accurate.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Low prices.

Walmart Cons: Rude treatment, Lack of corporate accountability, Cash policy, Staff lied.

Location: 3412 College Avenue, San Diego, CA 92115

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Another idiot who thinks people should kiss their as s. You own your situation not Walmart. Start taking the bus and stay the F out of Walmart with your shi tty attitude.

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