I needed tires for my car and found a set on the website and called several Walmart locations to see if they were stock. The nearest Walmart with the tires in stock was 30 minutes away and was told by the associate to come in and have them installed.

I get there the service technician looks at the car and says we dont service custom rims. We can sell you the tires. I went to customer service to speak with a manager as to why they couldnt be installed because many cars today come factory with 20 rims. After waiting for over an hour to speak with a manager, I got my answer.

If Walmart cannot install tires on rims over 18 this should be disclosed on the website and made a part of training for associates working that department so peoples time is not waisted. To make matters worse I have to get back on the road with questionable tires to find a place that has tires in stock and can install them.

This experience was frustrating because not only was my time wasted but it seems like that knowledge was privy to the manager and technician. The website needs to be updated so when anything over 18 is selected and notice pops up to inform the shopper Walmart cannot install these.

Location: Houston, Texas

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