New Orleans, Louisiana

My son was just in walmart, checkin out. This, Connie Uzee told him not to be speaking, to her cashiers.

My son worked there for almost 5 years, and they treated him and spoke to him like, he was *** I called to speak to a manager, and told her what was said. Everyone complains about these managers, I think the main office should check things like this out, before putting these people in charge.I told the manager my son no longer worked there, therefore, she had no right to tell him who he could speak, to.Thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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This is the second letter you have written about your son. You have to be 16 to work.

He has been working five years you say so this makes him at least 21 or older depanding on when he started working. Isn't it about time he grew up? Isn't it about time you stopped fighting battles for him? He is an adult now, he is not your little boy, and the reason he act like he is still seven years old is because you treat him like he is.

He can't fight his own battles so when someone is "mean" to him he comes crying to you. You can't fight all his battles and you can't do everything for him. He has to learn how to defend himself and take care of himself. So stop breastfeeding him, stop changing his diapers and cut the cord and let him grow up.

He should be writing his own letter.

Not come crying to you and hav you fix "everything" with a bubble bath, warm milk and a bedtime story. Bet he either got bullied at school, or was doing the bullying and you blamed the other children.


Yeah they kick him out of the staff room. They also killed Kenny. Those B@stards


They kicked out of the staff room because he no longer works there?!?!...those bastages!!!


You don't know what you are talking about. My son was unfairly fired.

I remember reading *** comments from you and others including an employee of Wal-mart. To make a long story short my son was fired for stealing. They said he was stealing time from them. He works real hard.

He works harder than the other employees they have working there so one of the managers decided to fire him because he was sitting in the break room while on the clock. He was TIRED from working so hard. He cried when he told me that they fired him. Justin is a hard worker.

Worked harder than anyone else and because he needed a little extra break they fired him. He put in five years. Worked harder than everyone else and they fired him for "stealing" time. Then just today he went and told me that they now won't allow him to talk with the cashiers because it is interfeering with business.

They even kicked him out of the staff room because he no longner works there. They treat him like s-t. He worked harder than everyone else. They fired him because he needed a little extra break because he worked so hard.

He is very disappointed that they tossed him out like trash when he worked hard. So hard that he needed more break time than everyone else.


Well the cashiers are there to work not to talk to past employees.