Shavano Park, Texas

Don't buy a set of dishes online and pick up at the walmart on De Zavala in San Antonio because it might look like this when you get home to open it. Don't even think about just getting walmart to replace the one broken plate--- no, they will say to bring the whole set back for exchange.

When pressed after seeing my photo, " Jonathan" said I could bring the broken plate back.

( Really?) I just bought one for $ 2.50--why did I even think they would want to make it easy on me? Sort of defeats the purpose of the convenient online buying and store pickup!

Monetary Loss: $3.

  • unreasonable return conditions
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How is that unreasonable? That plate was not sold individually, it was a set.

Therefore, you return or exchange it as a set. You should be thankful that you were allowed to do that.


they offered to fix the situation for you yet you went and bought another one instead? what's your problem then?


Just exchange them. Sounds to me like you are making this more complicated than it has to be.