Grawn, Michigan

Dumb a..... At walmart.

Wanted to buy a 39 in tv at Walmart. I was at check out line and when they scanned it, I was told , strange it's saying it can't be sold . They suggested I buy one that was 500 . 200 dollars more than the one I wanted.

They got the department "head"., done twerp who couldn't spell tv and he stated anything less than 40 in couldn't be sold as per walmart headquarters . This was in Memphis , tn.

I left the junk there and walked over to target and got what I wanted. I wonder what Sam would say!


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It's because folks were given them in lieu of the black Friday TV. Myself and friends all received 39" Samsung and Vizo. Thanks Walmart!


I could understand if it was a recall or the manufacturer requested no further sales of their merchandise, but this seems quite odd for a corporate to make a decision as such. But what the heck do I know, I don't work Wal-Mart. Sorry, you couldn't get your TV.