Somerset, Pennsylvania

Twice I have go to my local Walmart, and twice they try anything in their power to not accept my coupons. This time I had enough. I

had four coupons for small first aid kits. The cost of the kids were $0.97 each. The coupons each were a $1 off one kit. So at the end

of the transaction I was suppost to get $0.12 back. When I got to the register, the cashier claimed that all the coupons said "one per

customer." I pointed out that the coupons also said that "limit of 4 like coupons per purchase." The cashier only would accept one of

the coupons or I had do to do seperate transactions. I am so sick and tired of having to argue with this idoit cashiers on how to do

their jobs. After argueing with the manager for ten minutes, she finally decided to do the smart thing and let me use the coupons. I

am sick and tired of these cashiers and managers giving us couponers a hard time. Coupon haters!

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I have been a couponer for a long time and I undestand the store coupon policy. Sometimes they will give you a hard time you explain your point and asked for the manager kindly. I undestand couponing takes time and if it is too much of a hassle I will tell the cashier to void the transaction and i'll come back when they are less busy. Stores often do not give cash back, some offer store credit, some offer gift card some will just give you the item for free. You are an embarrasment for people who use coupons to save maney and help their family. As a couponer you need to be conscious of (1) store policy, (2) other consumers, (3) be respectful and now when to argue (peacefuly) and when to let the store win and walk away. Remeber the stores have no legal obligation to accpt coupons and people like you are the reason why store have toughen up on their coupon policy.

You like being respected, you must respect others.

Thank You and Have a Nice Day.


Hm, sounds like a simple enough mistake, the cashier should have read it and called a CSM if they weren't sure, then gone through with the transaction. You do understand that the register will not allow us to give back change for coupon transactions without a CSM approval, right?

And if you bring in more than 50 dollars worth, we need approval for that? Personally, I'm more than happy to take coupons as long as the customer is understanding of our policies.


You are an *** in more ways than one. Its sad to know people are this dumb.

And shame on all of you for calling her child-like.. Thats insulting to children everywhere.


If using coupons is a hassle in that store, simply do not shop or use coupons at that store. There is no reason to get upset about it.

It's their store, their rules. If you don't like their rules, go to another store.


Agree with So sad. What a shame the manager wasted 10 minutes of time on this customer. Just call the police and have this loser trespassed off the property, like I would have done.


If not saving $0.12 is going to break your bank that is truly p@thetic. Don't spend that $0.12 you saved all at one place. Only person that came out looking like a fool in all of this was you for arguing over $0.12.