Sioux City, Iowa
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I am sick of tired of shopping at WalMart, and I am officially DONE. I have contacted corporate several times about the cashiers and assistant managers not accepting my coupons.

When I asked the assistant manager for the real manager, she walked away, saying "I'm not gonna deal with this". These people need to learn their *** policies, and even when I bring it it for them, they have to read it 20 times and show other workers before they accept what it says. They don't know how to read coupons, keep saying, "You have to go with what's on the picture", and when you DO go by what's on the picture, then they read the words and decline coupon. It's just plain sickning and headache central.

When will it end???? And it's always the same people that give me such a hard time, and I told the manager that!

What else can I do?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Coupon.

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Yeah, I have to agree with the previous poster. Coupon shoppers are not as welcome as they used to be.

With today's technology it's not that hard to get coupons for about everything.

The main reason stores will give you a discount at all is in hopes of getting a repeat customer. Apparently many "high tech" couponers are not loyal to a store at all, rather they are loyal to the coupon


You can either stop shopping there or stop using coupons. Those seem to be your only options. A lot of stores are clamping down on coupons so I think you may continue to run into issues at other stores as well.