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I will never again get suckered into buying the protection plan. I have have never been able to get anything replaced. I even work for Wal-mart, and yes you are told to push the plan. Now when it prompts me to ask if someone wants it, I just hit no and continue. I don't like selling something I don't believe in and have personal experience with.

First: the plan runs concurrent with the mfg warranty and if something happens during the warranty they send you to the mfg.

Second: if the mfg is a 2 year warranty, your plan expires the same time the warranty does. You are told it is like an extended warranty but it isn't.

Third: there is always a reason that the protection plan won't cover the damage.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This care plan really suck I purchased a iPhone 6 a couple of months ago /the protection plan they kept offering lesser value phones than the one ..and all of the representatives are telling you something different !!! I will not recommend this care plan to anyone