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I shop at the big Walmart in Boynton(gulfstream)fl. about once or twice a month because it is on the bus line.

I run errands via palm tran and always carry, a purse and a bag containing an umbrella, water, wipes and an extra pair of sunglasses. I am always digging into my purse to text or find my grocery list, eye glasses, sometimes my dry eyes flare up so I have to put drops in them so I go down an isle where no one is to be comfortable putting drops in. Well, I kept seeing weird *** guys popping up in isles where I was shopping and even coming up behind me and obviously checking out my purse, or whatever. Then it occurred to me one day that they were not trying to grab my wallet, they are ridiculous looking employees trying to see if I'm stealing something.

I am appalled at the way they follow me around and I have had it and I cannot wait to shop there again so that I can go strait up to them and call them out. I'm a Christian woman who would never steal and It upsets me that I can't be comfortable walking around Walmart, texting with my daughter, taking pics of outfits for the babies to see if she likes them or put eye drops in my eyes and sometimes I have to wear my very light colored shades in the store because my eyes are red so I guess I look suspicious to these people and they have a ton of people following me around and watching me like a hawk. I have been just taking it in stride, and trying to ignore them but they are so *** and obvious and the make me nervous because I always think they are trying to grab my purse so then I notice them looking my way and I tuck my wallet further into my bag and it looks like I'm stealing something. I want so much to go to the manager and tell them how uncomfortable I feel shopping there.

I seriously have been reluctant to return just the same. If I go back, I will say something and it will be my last trip there.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Endangering customers, Staff, Inexperienced employees.

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I guess when customers are acting suspicious they deserve to be followed around. Just because the employees follow you around doesn't mean they are *** You sound like you are the *** person.

Why would you have have to send pictures of baby clothes to your daughter to see if she wants them. I would think if she is old enough to be having a baby, she would be old enough to do her own shopping. Just because you are a CHRISTIAN doesn't mean you won't steal. There are lots of Christians that do steal.

No Christian is perfect or sin free. Your whole complaint doesn't make a lot of sense. I can't figure out why anybody would need to take so much stuff with them shopping. I see a lot of people that ride buses to go shopping and don't carry an umbrella with them.

Also there are actually some stores that require customers to leave large size bags at the check out counters. I'm sure if you do quit shopping there you won't be missed.