Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Everytime my wife and I visit our local Walmart, there is always a certain csm that harasses us. My wife likes to price match and us a

lot of coupons. This csm thinks that we are trying to scam the store. Today was the worst example. After the cashier had rang up our

items, he started on the coupons. After a some time, that particular csm showed up. She started going through every coupon matching it

with it's item. After it was all said and done, she claimed we couldn't use 90% of the coupons. We had about over $100s worth of

groceries minus the coupons would have totaled about less than $5. We argued with the csm for about ten minutes till we gave up. At

that point, we gave up and left the cart with all the items there. We are tired of the constant harassement from this woman and will

not be back till she is gone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Coupon.

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People up front hate these things the most

Checks under $50

Bringing your own *** shoping bags (Its easier and faster for us to bag your *** in plastic insted of your *** *** bags we have to open up and try to fit on the bag table)

people that complaine over coupons, its walmart you cheap *** we lower than everyone else, go to stop and shop and use your coupons there

people that dont know how to use there EBT,ATM,DEBIT cards but attempt to do them in a long line

Buying something with no price tag/bar code, you make us waste our time by doing price checks

and it goes on

one of the things i find hilariouse is that alot of u customers complaine about *** things like we forgot to scan a coupon because you gave us one before your order and we forgot about scanning that 1 coupone because we are trying to be fast and have very long line, so you complaine after waiting 10-25-30 minutes in our line, and then you go up to the customer service desk and wait there for another 20 minutes in line to get a dollar off your total.

We deal with retards and crackheads all day - we hate you


So...your fist full of coupons came to about $5? Did you wipe out the diaper isle with your 25cent off coupons for your potty-trained teenager?


In fact just leave the country. What a cheap *** lowdown piece of trash.


No, coupons are not theft, nor are they cheating. However, read the *** fine print you ***.

Coupons have strict rules and guidelines to prevent people like you from getting 100 bucks worth of stuff for $5.

If the store does not follow the coupons strict guidelines, they don't get reimbursed for the discounted price they gave you. be savvy, don't be trailer park rich.


would they not take your food stamps too? :cry :cry :cry


Good for Wal-Mart you cheapskate. Stores are now retaliating against Coupon mama's by enlisting policies limiting the amount of coupons per idem and having no overages.

Even the manufactures are getting into the act with the small print on the coupon. Saying one per person or telling the cashier that they can’t someone can’t use a buy one get one free and another coupon together.

Coupons were made to get people to try new products not cheat companies and manufacturers out of money. Way to go abusing the system there, buddy.


Yeah, it is a shame when you try to steal from apparently not only Wal Mart, but most all other retailers in your area.

When you get called out on it, you didn't defend yourself and say you actually had the coupons that match the items, you said "shut up".... Yeah, real mature there, hoss.

Its good that you won't be returning to all of those stores, perhaps the rest of us won't have to pay higher prices from you stealing from them.

Have fun gatting all your groceries and sundries at Dollar General & Family Dollar. Thief.

BTW: Thats not just his opinion; You put yourself out there, not us.


Well ARE you trying to scam the store??? -Sure sounds like it.....

If the items you got don't match the coupons you have then you are a thief. Bottom Line.

Nice job, trying to blame others for your choices.


Good you cheapskate!!!!! Have fun at your new grocer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin