Oceanside, California
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when i bought combo printer ink one week ago from Walmart the sales person told me if any thing was wrong and if it was not match your printer you can return it. i used the black ink to print two page documents two times then my son had to print his school project in color, no color everything print in black and whit.

when i return them with recite they told me they are not returning because it is opened. but your sales person told me i can return it and this product is difective and is not working at all what the service.

Monetary Loss: $56.

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If you ever go into WALMART and Go to their CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK.Read the RETURN POLICY.Certain product's will not be accepted in the WALMART CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT if these item's are OPENED.You people need to learn to READ.And why?Do you not know what type of ink your PRINTER NEED'S.What does this say about you?Know one at WALMART or Anywhere know's this information but you,You are a *** and Just want to find FAULT with someone else.The FAULT lies with you.Actually i cannot believe you let everyone know how *** YOU ARE.All you had to do is take the ink cartage out or Better still write the make and Model of the PRINTER on some paper and Carry it to the store with you.DUMB ***.


Did you check the printer settings to make sure it was not set to PRINT IN GREY SCALE? You have to uncheck the box.