Tampa, Florida

So here I am at Wal-mart. I spent my valuable 3 hours carefully picking out my clothes and toys.

Then I Pushed my heavy cart to the lame layaway center. Then I had the heavy things across the table. So first the lame-o lady said " You can't put layaway on pajamas! No PAJAMAS Allowed!" What in the world I thought.

Then she said " You can't put layaway on clothes. NONE!" "WHOA! THAT'S NOT IN THE POLICY!" " Okay well then do the toys." I said with hope. " No toys!

It's not over 15 bucks!" "FINE then do the electronics!" "No electronics!

It's not over 50 bucks" NO LAYAWAY!!!!! DO IT AT K-MART!

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The six year old that wrote this should have had an adult shop with him or her. The policy is clearly stated on the posters beside the layaway department. Mommy or daddy could have read this for her.


Just had the same problem in Helena Montana..


I agree with Roy P. Definitely a thumbs down.

Having a tough year, we decided to use the layaway that Walmart has brought back this year. I shopped really early - first week in November - and picked the items my kids asked for. This week, I went to pay the last payment and pick up my items and guess what? They "lost" my items.

Out of ten items, eight had been taken out of the box and/or misplaced while my box was in "storage". I had to wait an hour while the associate (who was genuinely apologetic) pulled things off the store shelves to replace my items. However, the two main things I needed were sold-out and could not be replaced. The manager's general attitude was sorry and we'll call you if we find them.

They did issue a refund for what I'd already paid, so that's the only good thing I can say. I would NEVER recommend that anyone use this "service" from this store.

I know I sure won't let it happen to me again. Very disappointed.


Yeah you shared the same story on planetfeedback. However there you wrote that you were forced to lie to your children and say they did not get the important gifts because they were bad children.

Walmart may have screwed up with your gifts but you screwed up ten times worse by saying they did not get the gifts for Christmas because they were bad this year. This is verbal abuse and you should be ashamed of yourself.


They wrote this same complaint for Kmart.


Only a fool would put their Christmas shopping on layaway at any discount store. If they run out of an item you put on layaway, yours will be gone, they'll apologise and there will be nothing you can do about it.

If they don't run out of the items, no need for layaway, buy them when you have the money.

It's just a ploy to get you to spend your money at their store when you have it. There are no benefits to you and you can NOT be assured they will still have all your items.


:( wow thanz now i do all my stuff at kmart


Damit - I've been assimilated....


You mad bro??? learn to read. LAME people cant read...


I always find it interesting how people complain about the bad service and uncaring employees that Wal*Mart has. In a lot of these hayseed towns, Wal*Mart is the largest employer, which means that the employees are your friends, neighbors and relatives.

I find it funny how these people suddenly become so evil when hired by Wal*Mart. Must be some sort of Star Trek Borg thing.

Or maybe the people who complain are the one's with the problems. Something to think about, ain't it?


WalMart's current holiday layaway requirements are limited to: jewelry, electronics, and toys. The total amount of the layaway needs to be $50, and no single item can be under $15.

John N

I am unfamiliar with this thing called "layaway." I always have paid cash, but certainly NOT at a *** store like WalMart. I like stores which have good customer service, and WalMart doe NOT.