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This is my letter to ethics.

2018 I have had three different issues with Walmart that I would like to discuss. I now will forever remember the attack I went through for the rest of my life, falling to the ground and then discarded as if I was the criminal. I was attacked by the criminal, the moment I entered the store. Walmart did nothing to warn me that danger was already present in the store. Looking back I have had multiple experiences in 2018.

First in January 2018 I was discriminated against by a rude worker at the customer service on academy. I filed a report, ethics spoke to store manager. Validated the fact she had discriminated. I was offered a store credit. I never received it.

Also recently trying to exchange an iPad case my mom purchased, it was the wrong model. The customer service on Wyoming basically told me that they couldn’t exchange it out for the correct model nore wouldn’t they give me a gift card. Sadly I’m stuck with a iPad case that I can’t use. Although she found the receipt I refuse to interact with customer service at Wyoming store in Albuquerque.

The worst happened Saturday, November 25 2018 When was walking into Walmart on San Mateo in Albuquerque and upon entering - not even passed the basket area in there was a customer that was walking away from some employees that were apparently talking to him. It seemed we were passing each other until he said “how about this!” attacked me and elbows me to the chest makes me fall to the floor. It was extremely terrifying and humiliating not to mention painful.

There is nothing that anybody has done to make this right or to make me feel like I matter as a customer any longer. 2018 the entire year Walmart workers have shown me and my mom nothing on how the customer truly matters to them. It’s obvious that asset protection is more important that customer and innocent child Protection.

The policies online is a complete lie and is in no way followed. I was denied those customer entitlements. I was denied cashing in my disability check by a worker in discrimination I filed a complaint. I was denied exchanging the wrong model number or gift card for a case and NOW I was actually injured in the store because no one cared to protect my safety.

Embarrassing enough I was ignorantly walking into the store. I had no idea that this was entering a dangerous situation.The workers did, they saw me coming! I walked right into it and I got attacked thrown to the ground purposely and sent on my way.

Thanks Walmart for being a great company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You may be better off doing your shopping on-line.


How is Wally World responsible for something a non employee does?? While yes it happened on their property they had no clue the CUSTOMER was going to attack you.

So blaming Walmart is just you sucking around for free money. Walmart could not have warned you of any danger because the CUSTOMER did something spontaneous. Or the CUSTOMER did t like how you were looking at them. Either way it’s not Walmart’s fault.

I’m sure you think you have a case but the burden of proof is on your head. You would have to prove that Walmart KNEW beyond any doubt that the customer was going to attack you. Since Walmart is NOT a human being and is only a corporation you can’t assess any thought process. What you need to do is go after the CUSTOMER who attacked you.

You called the police right? You have a police report detailing the situation right? A bill from a ambulance company and bills from doctors detailing the injuries you recieved from THAT encounter? Bills for therapy both physical AND mental?

If not you will be just another Whiney crybaby snowflake who thinks they are some form of social warrior for your particular ethnic group. We can see your complaints for what they truly are. Pure bull pucky! So you try and return a item either with a receipt beyond the return window or you attempted to return a item without a receipt and somehow that’s discrimination.

No that’s YOU being a bit of a dbag. If you’re over 18 in America you know that there is no returns without a receipt. Being told NO is not the same as actual discrimination. Please try and remember what real discrimination is.

It really just sounds like you have a very large chip on your shoulders and will cry wolf at ANYTHING you can wrap the word discrimination around. If you didn’t receive the supposed credit then they found that YOU WERE FABRICATING THE SITUATION!! I swear you people will do anything or say anything to get free stuff. Doesn’t it bother you?

That you spend your whole life actively looking to cause trouble with YOUR ethnic problems? For someone who likes to cry discrimination so much you do it a lot yourself. You encounter a female who doesn’t bow to your ideas of how they should act and you call it discrimination. You attempt THEFT, by trying to return something WITHOUT PROOF that you purchased it and magically THAT is discrimination.

See a pattern yet? Anytime you are told NO you automatically call it discrimination and start playing the victim. You do this because in your mind if YOU call it discrimination then THEY must play the role of the bad guy. This frees you from those little moral quandaries.

Unfortunately most white people wont call you on this for fear of being attacked by you and your own mind won’t say anything until you have embarrassed them and gone too far. But ya see I’m from a group that has actually been discriminated against by white people. So much so that the white people tried to exterminate out entire race and culture. So I can see the truth of that’s situation.

I have not only seen and been a part of REAL discrimination but I have fought and won against it.

Try stepping out of your victim role and use some common sense! It won’t hurt you and you may actually learn from it.


Despite the overly dramatic telling of what happened to your poor, encumbered soul, you can always hire an attorney if you think you have a valid case against Walmart for "something."