San Bernardino, California
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The customer service manager for night shift on Sunday 2 -27-10 midnight. Unfortunately, i was so mad, i forgot to get her name.

Walmart nordahl, san Marcos, ca. Was rude and not helpful. We purchased a straights talk phone card. The pin number was pealed off in steads of scratched off so pin number was not legible.

We came in with receipt to get a replacement card. We we treated as. I if we were criminals.

She refused to help us and told us to come back I n the morning. We asked to speak to a manager and she refused.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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I can't believe the night shift manager would treat you like that. I mean they must be perfectly happy and content with their lives and must be very trusting of all individuals that come in for returns in the middle of the night.

She must have also been very knowledgeable of the product you were referring to since she is a night shift manager. Face it... you fit the perfect discription for a scam artist....

you probably are one.... so ***