Oakwood, Georgia

I came into Walmart store # 3627 to have tires put on my car. I had ordered my tires from walmart.com.

i went to sign for them after a 45 min wait just to get someone to help me. They had me pull a cart with my tires from pickup department to the tire center where an employee said they are the wrong tires and to go get the right ones. so again i pull the cart across the store and waited another 30 mins for help. finally a manager named Angie Carver helped me and she took care of the issue and she didn't make me pull the tires anymore.

From that point Angie did everything and i cant thank her enough. Angie Carver saved a customer today. If it wasn't for her i may not have wanted to return to the store in the future. I have Crohn's disease and a Tumor on my leg and am not supposed to be lifting or pulling things.

I am extremely disappointed with Walmart tire center. The only good experience was Angie Carver.

I would like to say thanks to her. Sincerely Stan Rickman

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you need mental health help ladyscott your a cashier a pharamacy tech a automotive worker who are you really your negative posts and all those lies are catching up on you its time to get out of mommys basement and get a real life


The tire center can not touch tires that are the wrong size. Once they touch them they are liable for them. Having you exchange them yourself, since you did not buy them from the store, is what you are required to do. Now, once you exchanged for tires from their own inventory, then you became their customer and they could help you. However, you bought the merchandise, and it is your responsibility to be able to move it to whereever you need to go. No one in any store, is responsible for pulling or pushing your product around the store. You can ask for help, and if they can do so without injury then they will. But you have to ask. I have a feeling you stood there expecting them to know you wanted help instead of asking for it.

Sounds like exactly what they were supposed to do, and the manager helping you is good service.

Imagine it this way....you run a store, and your home office has a website. You have a customer come pick up an item that was shipped to you but not bought from you. You had nothing to do with the inventory, sale or purchase of this product. If you touch it in anyway, you become liable for any issues. Are you going to take the loss on something you did not profit on? That is the reason it was done the way they did.