Atlanta, Georgia

My most recent experience at Walmart was by far the worst I have had anywhere. Upon entering store # 0937, the "greeter" did not greet us but instead, looked away. When it came time to check out, the cashier wordlessly started to empty her cash into a pouch. We asked if the lane was still open and she, cashier # 00004899, kisha did not even look up. After waiting 5 minutes, with no apology for the wait, she started to ring us and twice again ignored questions that were asked by us. As we were leaving, we noticed she had rung an item twice so we headed back to her register and again, were ignored.

The cashier next to her politely asked if we needed help and went to get the manager. Our cashier, knowing what was going on, said no apology for the mistake looking as surly as ever. Going on break, she spoke to a coworker with a smile-what a slap in the face-I had thought she was incapable of such niceties.

After being there 20 minutes longer than we should have if she had rung us correctly, we missed the show time for our movie and our night was ruined. My husband and I spend at least $200 at Walmart on a weekly basis. If it weren't for the fact that I cannot find the single serve Odwalla juices anywhere else, I would never again step foot into another Walmart.

Generally I stay in the car when going to Walmart while the husband shops as it is so unpleasant to be there. As it is, I prefer Target as their stores are cleaner, neater and the staff is MUCH friendlier. Overall, just a better experience. Really, there is no need to feel offended every time I shop there. Never have I received such horrible customer service-- as if we were such a nuisance for shopping there and not welcome. We have recently moved from NY and as far as i can see, southern hospitality is alive everywhere except at Walmart. 

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Wrong Anon, it was Target she wrote this review for. Um wait a minute we are both right she wrote this complaint for Wal-mart, Kmart and Target.


UHHHHH, did you not just write this same review for Kmart? Did you think no one would notice?


I think they should replace my movie tickets for this inconvience, and give free movie passes to me and my husband for a year. Or at least give some gift care for my trouble.