Charleston, West Virginia

Bob Greenleaf, Manager


100 Nitro Market Place

Cross Lanes, WV 25313

Dear Mr. Greenleaf:

I went to Walmart with my grandson to purchase a toy for him. After the cashier handed me the receipt I noticed the incorrect price had been charged. I confirmed the error and notified a store employee and was told I had to go to customer service. I ask to speak to a manager and was refused. I went to customer service only to find a line with five or six people. I had my 3 year old grandson with me and I was unable to wait in line. I contacted the store when I got home and ask to speak to you (the manager listed on the receipt) I was told you were not there so they gave me Elizabeth. She refused to give me her last name or any identification number. I explained to her I could not wait in line. She was very rude and unprofessional; saying I would not let her talk and saying I must go to customer service.

If an incorrect price is charged I believe it should be corrected without waiting in line at customer service.

I believe bad customer service is systemic. In an effort to reduce costs and returns, bad customer service is designed to discourage customers from complaining or returning items. Five dollars will not break me. In general the lack of personal (checkout or customer service), poor quality, un-stocked selves, inconvenience, rude employees, dirty stores, and poor customer service causes many people to shop elsewhere. A growing number of people feel the same way.

Wal-Mart scored the lowest of any retailer on the American Customer Satisfaction Index from the University of Michigan, earning it the title of "Worst Customer Service in America."

"Having lost the battles on merchandise quality and customer satisfaction, Wal-Mart is left competing on price alone. This is certainly one of Wal-Mart's strongest attributes and one which might serve the retailer well in a period of economic weakness. But it means customers are only too eager to abandon the retailer whenever economically possible."

Ronald W. Ash

20 Sunny Acres

Saint Albans, WV 25177

(304) 543-8539

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Ah, now I see. Well, in that case, he is a *** of the highest degree and may his balls rot.


Oh I don't know why the OP removed this part of the review, but mom you don't know the whole story. It turned out that the grandparent had his grandsson switch two products so he had to pay lower.

Then because the other customers would not let him cut in line with his grandson he accused them of being child haters. What he was really angry about was that they had time to correct the price mistake (Which he asked his grandson to switch.(they he had an older grandchild with him whom confirmed this to his mother who posted the truth.

I guess the OP erased the truth somehow) Bottom line that is why the OP is being called a *** He used his grandson to commit fraud and he wanted the world to revolve around him because he had a small child and the mother confirmed he was not the only one with a small child. The point is this man was trying to use his grandson to commit fraud, it did not work so he is angry they spoiled his well developed plan to scam them.


You know, I see a lot of complaints on here that are just whiny, cry baby, idiotic complaints that are customer at fault-didn't read between the lines- types of complaints. Yours is legit.

I hope yours is resolved.

Simon, care to explain why this gentleman is a ***


The problem is common with walmart they dont care and , this guy simon is seen on a number of complaints with rude comments to people .

Walmart has done this to me , they had 2 items strapped together with a security device and had close to 50 others just like it , so I went to buy the 2 digital frames to be told oh no this is wrong I wont give you this for the clearance price an the 2 together is wrong an wanted me to pay the clearance price for one an than the manager , was rude in return about the same issue , even after I showed her the 50 others .

she actually accused me of security strapping them together , I am an never have been a sam mart employee an tell me how can I get the security devices and strap these all together ? They cashiers are trained to scam the customer .

Also simon before you open your mouth to say ine word , I dare you to come to Niles Ill an out from behind your keyboard an tell me to my face , in fact Ill meet you at teh niles walmart on touhy ave any day you want


Ronald, you're a real ***


I am just very sure this letter will help. You were given the solution and chose not to use it.