Chantilly, Virginia

i was in walmart in hondo tx and i wanting to buy a rol of quaters and the csm was extremly rude she said could not sell the quaters and that the bank that was in the store would not either because i didnt have an account with them. so i went ahead and ask teller if i could buy some quarters from and she very polite and let me buy some from her.

i was going buy a couple drinks after that and every one their boxes were not cold they were lukewarm. i think this walmart should have stay a small store instead of getting big, they think they better than their customers

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

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The CSM was correct. WalMart is not a bank. Go to a bank or credit union to purchase rolls of change.


Did you ever think about going to the money store that is located in WalMart? Stores like WalMart most likely go through so many quarters that they can't be selling rolls of quarters.

However, when I cash my check at my bank I get as many rolls of quarters as I will need until my next check. All I use the quarters for is doing laundry.