Hazlehurst, Mississippi
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The cashiers in Hazlehurst ms are unfriendly and act as though they are doing me a favor by being there, well guess what you are not and im sick of your attitudes. It is your job and if you are not happy there, leave.

I asked the person today to put my cold stuff in a reuseable bag I was purchasing and she acted like I asked for her paycheck.

She said it wouldn't all fit and when I showed her it would she got an attitude, not even bothering to say thank you and have a nice day. Please Walmart train your cashiers in customer service skills.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Cashiers, Customer service.

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Worst Experience of my Walmart Life. Walmart Store # 03093 located in Meridian, Idaho.

I normally go there to do tire rotation and change my oil for my Touring Sedan, Seabring Chrysler. On January, 16 2015. IT WAS THE WORST WALMART EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE!! I went in there for an easy oil change, but it ended up as a 3 hours in a *** hole.

First, they paged me over the intercom system to come to the automotive department, stating that they couldn't change my oil because the cap cover on the oil tank is "orange" Walmart don't do "orange cap" they ONLY do "black cap cover" for the oil. And they made me look like a BIG FAT LIAR when I told them my last oil change was at the same Walmart, same location in August 2014. I even pointed out the guy who worked on my car on that day in August 2014, but he looked at me and said, HE'S EXACT WORDS: "I don't remember you, I don't know you!!" He had that frown on his forehead, and he made me look like I was a lying b***. I WAS HURT..

And regardless, i've tried to tell them the truth but they believe him. And they kept telling me that my information are not valid in there system and they couldn't find any proof of my last car service in August. So i went outside in my car and get proof of my RECEIPT for my oil change on August 2014. And they pulled it up using the "service Order" and they finally showed proof of my August oil changed.

The manager pointed out that kid, who was still there mocking me, and taunting me with his evil stare. The manager told him that it was his name on the receipt. His name is LOGAN 529. But this Logan 529 was mean, unprofessional, upleasant Walmart Technician.

He made me feel like I was a liar, embarrassed and utterly HURT, because their were other customers (strangers) in line and he didn't even APOLOGIZE for his mistake. He just turned around, walked away and started laughing sarcastically . I don't know if that's HOW walmart trained their employee to be so EVIL and so UNPLEASANT. but somehow he ticked that nerve.

I contemplated for so long, i thought i could forgive him. but I can't. THAT SERVICE WAS THE WORST SERVICE OF MY LIFE. First, they put in a wrong color cap for my oil tank without telling me that they did that.

and then secondly they embarrassed me infront of strangers mocking me that i'm a LIAR.. i love to shop at Walmart.. LOVE IT!! but i don't think i will ever refer or consider that location to be the BEST for their service.

Now I can't change my oil because somehow whatever they did, messed up my oil cap, and now they don't want to do anything to fix it.. I'M SO UPSET, SO DISAPPOINTED.. walmart needs to hire professional, true and faithful people to provide an above and beyond service to make their customers feel at ease.. not to make them feel embarrassed, disappointed and hurt.

that particular employee (LOGAN 529) ruined the whole Walmart experience for me!!!!


Sorry to hear about your bad experience. No one should ever have to deal with such bad attitudes and bad customer service.

It's such a shame that there are so many bad employees out there. Anyway, it is a 100% fact that anyone who works in retail hates their job. No one in their right mind would work there because they wanted to.

They work there purely for the money, so telling people who aren't happy with their job to leave is counterproductive. No one would be working those jobs.


When you are complaining to a business, it might help if you went to their web site, instead of a general complaint site. What kind of attitude did the cashier get?

It kind of sounds like you had an attitude too. Being you are so smart, I hope you know that there should be a comma between a city and state. Also Mississippi should be capitalized.

There should also be an apostrophe between the "i" and the "m" in I'm. Maybe you should go back to school.


Maybe you should get a life and stop getting in mine you ***, you have nothing better to do than come on here and review everyone else's complaint and spelling and punctuation. It must be nice but I have to go back to work.


They probably complained on a general complaint site for the same reason your reading complaints on a general complaint site. And maybe you should exercise some manners with ur nasty self.