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Walmart has poor customer service because they don't pay their employees enough to give a damm about customers. That makes no sense.

If Walmart cares so much about customers, they would do everything they could to make them happy. But they don't. They pay their employees next to nothing for doing a lot of work and that makes for unhappy employees which results in unhappy customers. How do they stay in business?

And they get rid of good employees and hire idiots , that have no idea about anything, just so they don't have to make pay raises. And where the hill is their security?

They have loss prevention for their products but no one to guard employees and customers. Like I said, why should employees give a damm?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wal Mart, and other companies pay you EXACTLY what your set of skills, or lack thereof are worth.

If you want more money, get off your butt and get an education.


No, I would never work there. Too many horror stories.

I would be fired the first day. I have no patience for nasty, disgusting, and ignorant freaks that walmart lets through its doors.

That may be a rant, but it's all true. Everyone knows it, why don't you?


I agree with you. Everything you said is true.

Walmart cares only about the dollar at others expense. Even Target has security guards inside and out.

Walmart just doesn't want to pay extra for employee and customer security. They would rather their products be safe.


No, and I'm surprised you made a negative reply. Everyone knows what I said is true.

Walmart cares only about the dollar at others expense.

Sorry if you disagree with my 'RANT'. It's only an observation.


They fired you didnt they? Thats what this rant is all about.


No. Just an observation.

I'm surprised anyone replied to my comment negatively. Everyone knows they don't pay enough and they have no security. They care only for the chinacrapp they sell. It's all about getting themselves rich at the expense of others.

I'm betting you work there yourself. In management maybe?

Sorry, just another rant. But you know I'm right.


No, and I'm surprised you don't agree with me. This is just an observation of what everyone else is saying.

My 'RANT' is all true. Walmart is getting rich at the expense of others and they don't care. I would rather be unemployed then work there. Sorry if you don't see it that way.

Bye for now.


No, just an observation first hand and from reviews. My 'RANT' is totally true, every word.