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I purchased upwards of 80 dollars worth of items yesterday. The cashier was very friendly and helpful. However, once I arrived home I found that four of my items had not been placed in my buggy. I called the store, explained the situation to the person who answered. The person put me on hold for the Customer Service Desk. I was on hold five-seven minutes. Finally I was connected to someone in Customer Service. I again explained the situation and asked if the items could be taken off my ticket and the charge be placed back on my card, since I was already at home. She told me no. So I asked her if there was a way the items could be set aside so that I might come pick them up. I was told that because of inventory the items most likely would be put back out on the floor. I asked if it would be possible to locate the items at register 12, where I checked out. My thinking was perhaps the items were still there and I could simply come in and pick the items up. The Customer Service person finally relented and put me on hold to go and check the register. My items were still there. She told me that because of inventory, she could only hold the items through the next day. I told her I would be there within fifteen minutes.

The problem with this scenario is customer service. The woman I spoke to seemed to think my request an inconvenience "because of inventory". I'm a customer. What does inventory have to do with me? She was intent on NOT helping me "because of inventory". It was the way in which my request was treated, as if I would be putting a burden on her (the store) by simply requesting to pick up my items. It was "me" who suggested that the register be checked---perhaps my items were still there (they were) or maybe the cashier had accidentally given them to the next customer. I had to suggest this. Me, as a customer had better customer service than the associate at the return desk whom I spoke with.

When I arrived to pick up my items there was a line of about three people in front of me. There were three associates working the counter and behind them about four to six associates standing around talking! The cashier to whom I had checked out with was at her station with no one in line so I approached her, explained what happened and she happily closed her station, walked to the customer service counter and retrieved my items.

What if I had been a disabled customer come back to pick up the items I had purchased? Would the customer service associates have offered to send someone to the door with my items? What if I were sick and needed one of the items left behind, but found myself having to wait in line while associates stood around talking, chatting, waiting on returns, "because of inventory"?

There is a way customer service should flow and it should be in a positive manner. What I received on yesterday was you are a burden to us, so we can't really help you at this time, "because of inventory".

Please, do better, Wal-Mart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: The company needs to work on its customer service!.

Walmart Pros: Usually predictable until today.

Walmart Cons: Bad customer service.

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You forgot the items, deal with it as lesson learned and move on. "Hey Walmart, I just bought these items and I swear I forgot them at the store, can I please have more for free?" Seriously? That doesn't sound a little shady to you?


I like how people old enough to have a creditcard, people old enough to drive ect act as if they are three years old They don't need a babysitter to make sure they leave with all the items they purchased.


When the company comes in to do their inventory, they can't really do much. The company comes in to do inventory simply because that helps with theft.

Which means that they have to count that stuff. You were not the burden, she was just explaining the situation to you and explaining why your stuff would not be up there the next day.

When the company comes in to count their inventory, regular associates can NOT be out there for a reason.


You are right, they cannot do that much, I feel bad for the employee having to explain this inventory stuff to an adult with the mental thinking of a three year old. Not only is she mentally three, she acts like a three year old.

She forgot to take her four items, she blames them.

I don't find a problem with forgetting items. But her not accepting responsibility makes her seem immature.