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I bought a Sanyo 40 inch flat screen TV. It was a few days past 90 days when it stopped working.

I took it back to Walmart and was greeted by the worst lady ever to work with customers. She tore it out of the box to get serial number and then after checking the number she refused to put it back in the box after rudely telling me to get lost.

She then refused to answer my question and begin to become rude to the next customer in line. I spend about 300 dollars a month on my Walmart card so I expected to be treated a lot better

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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A "rude" Walmart employee? Heavens!

How typically usual. In your case call Sanyo and tell them of the problem and they should---well, maybe, perhaps, if they feel like it---cover the problem under warranty.

Good luck. Next time, buy a name brand like Panasonic.


90 days means 90 days! Jeez!

Give me one good solid reason why you should get anything in the way of special treatment. You know that your return was denied for one of two reasons. Either the serial number didn't match or it was past the return time frame.

Take responsibility for your actions. Unless you are three feet tall there is no reason you couldn't rebox the tv.