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Walmart is a well-known company that demonstrates quality customer service. I've never had a problem with customer service until today.

I called Walmart regarding a pick up order I placed Thursday and spoke to a manager. The manager was rude and did not assist me in anyway instead he told me that it was not under his control and that he could not give me any information regarding my pickup order. The email says that the "credit card funds will be held until the order has been shipped and then you will receive a confirmation email". Well the funds have already been taken out of my account and I have not received a confirmation email.

It seems a little sketchy to me that money has been taken out of my account and I have no way of tracking the order nor can a manager help me with the order process. Very unsatisfied with the customer service I received today.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I got a huge laugh at your first sentence! Thank you for making my day!


Why are you complaining about a store when you placed an order on-line? Follow up on your order on-line.

You'll have just as much luck walking into a Target store and asking them to check on this order. It's no more in a Walmarts store system than it is in Target's until it shows up at the store.


No one at store level has any info for online orders other than if the item is at the store or not. For any other info such as payment, processing , or shipping you have to call 1-800- walmart and talk to a rep from the web site. So don't get mad at someone who can't help you cause they have no way to get the info you want to know about.


Actually that is not true. I was an online pickup manager at Walmart for two years.

If the Item has been shipped, it will be in our system, but will show as not having arrived yet. We also receive reports every day, and as long as the item was shipped by UPS or FedEx, which most are, and not coming on a Walmart truck, we get a tracking number.

We can type that in on the FedEx website to see where the item is. Now for Payment, and Processing they have to call walmart.com unless the item is at the store, then they can issue a refund to the original payment method from the register.


If you ordered online, then call customer service.