To whoever cares,

I was in the Dave lyle walmart in SC. I have to wander if you all have lost all care for your consumers.

I stood in line (only 2 lines open) for 30 minutes waiting to check out and counted 12 employees walking around, on their phones and chatting amongst each other without a care in the world. When I asked if they could open another register they laughed and told me I could use self checkout. Seriously? You all as a company has the worst customer service I've ever experienced.

Nobody can ever help when I need it and everyone acts put out to do their job. I just dont understand. It's so sad..I have quit shopping here as much as I used too and I honestly dread going there now.

Wake up and start realizing how you treat your customers. It's just rude and thoughtless.

User's recommendation: Go to target.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Location: Rock Hill, South Carolina

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Oh look!! Yet another boomer who refuses to get their hands dirty.

Self check out is so much faster then having to wait behind someone like you! Let me guess, you just had to buy that one piece of fruit with a coupon and pay in pennies again? You cannot expect that every single employee is trained on the cash register. You can’t expect a mechanic to know how to do heart surgery.

Likewise you can’t expect a employee who works in a different area to know how to run the standard register. You either need to learn how to self check out or shut up about waiting.

You willingly chose to be ignorant and not learn how to help yourself. You deserve nothing but mockery.


One day I was at the elf-checkout at Wal-Mart and was paying with a couple of dollars in pennies. A line began to form behind me and one woman had her husband go walk up to me to see how many more pennies I needed to put in before I was through.

When he called back that I still had 132 pennies left to put in, the lady and everyone behind her all switched to other lines. The pennies had to be put in slowly one by one or it wouldn't work.

It had have been much quicker for me if a cashier had been waiting on me because they could have quickly counted them, and then I could have been on my way. The reason I went through the self-checkout lane with all of those pennies was because the lines with cashiers were all filled with long lines of people buying their entire weeks worth of groceries, and all that I had was one thing.


If you haven't shopped Target lately they have also reduced the number of cashiers and added self service lanes. You will get the best service at Target or Walmart in a self service lane.

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