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This is from a concerned customer and resident of Arlington, WA. Like many of the locals here in town, My family and I frequent the Arlington Walmart.

After today's shopping experience I will find a different shopping destination. My 5yr old daughter and I came to the store, so she could spend her tooth fairy money. The specific toy she chose and set her heart on, was wrongly priced by an employee in the toy section. This was not a case of a dishonest shopper moving the price tag, this was a staffing error.

After I paid for my items before I walked out the door I looked at my receipt and noticed a price Error. I immediately brought it to the sales associate attention she told me that since I completed the transaction she couldn't do anything about it and I needed to go to customer service . I spent 30min @ the customer service counter while the cashier first contacted the front floor supervisor. I then explained the situation a second time and then waited for her to ponder what to do.

She told me well I don't have the authority to make the appropriate changes, so she got on the loudspeaker and called the toy sales associates to come to customer service...I then explained my story yet again to her... She just kind of stood there for several minutes ultimately saying well Im not sure what to do. The supervisor standing there said lets go ask another manager so the toy sales associate walked to the back of the store to ask her. She then went to the back of the store to talk to another manager and explain the situation.

When She came back from consulting the second manager she said we think someone put that toy in a different spot I explain to her the tag said baby born cuddle pet and there were no other baby born toys on the shelf.she came back from consulting the second manager she said we think someone put that toy in a different spot I explain to her the tag said baby born cuddle pet and there were no other baby born toys on the shelf. In fact the Only two baby born cuddly pet toys on that shelf and one of them I had purchased. Its very unlikely that someone took two of the same product and put them right on the shelf were the price tag was the price tag red baby born pet. Their argument was the tag doesn't say cuddly .

I said please show me where that toy is and maybe I will buy that one instead. She told me they dont have any in stock . So yet again no one knew what to do to correct the situation, so they decided to to call another Supervisor named Bill To the customer service area where I then had to explain the situation a fourth time. And yet again I waited several minutes while Bill decided on what he was going to do to correct this injustice.

I looked at the other employees, and they shrugged their shoulders and shook their heads not knowing what to do so Bill said The best I can do is give you 10% off which is approximately $2.50 . I simply said..I still dont understand why I have to pay for a simple stocking/pricing error. Bill said well I dont know, thats all I can do. So imagine my 5yo daughter and I are patiently waiting while 5 different Walmart employees try to decide what they were going to do to correct this mistake.

A just decision would have been to honor the $9.95 price. Instead of the $24.95 I was charged @ the register. When I politely asked Bill how I can give feedback to the store he said be my guest and call 1- 800 Walmart in a sarcastic tone. You can imagine how much of a headache my experience was just based on this redundant text.

Thats exactly what it was, an unbelievably ridiculous event. As someone who has worked many years in customer service at a retail store, I know that excellent customer service is essential for good business. My ultimate goal in writing this email is to provide feedback. I can only hope that the necessary changes are made to avoid this mistake in the future.

A customer should never pay for an employees mistake. I was born and raised in Arlington, I work at a pediatric dental office in town.

Our shopping experiences that we share in our community greatly impact local businesses and their success. I will be driving the extra few miles to the Tulalip Walmart where i can count on great customer service.

User's recommendation: Color coordinate price tags from large items to small.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Location.

Walmart Cons: Wrong price tag.

Location: 4010 171st Street Northeast, Arlington, WA 98223

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If the register price was cheaper than the shelf price, would you have made this much of a fuss & demanded that you pay the shelf price?


As you said in your complaint it was a simple pricing/stocking error. The store has the right to charge the correct price for the item.

If the price on the shelf had been $24.95 and you got to the register and it rang up for $9.99 would you have spent as much tine demanding to pay the $24.95 that was on the shelf? Bet not.


Ok Karen. You don’t get to profit off if a mistake. That’s what you’re trying to do.


Could you shorten your complaint to Only what is necessary?

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