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Nothing! Customer service was closed.

According to the asst manager, the store manager was home, no one showed up to work the customer service desk. I am there to return a store brand jar of food because the lid was not set/properly vacuum sealed and leaking. Now I am being told I'll need to return with the product another day as no one working can do returns. Evidently Walmart does not do exchanges for defective product either.

Asst manager states I have to take the leaky defective store product back home in my vehicle, hoping it doesn't leak into the upholstery, and bring it back another day. Oh, and maybe I should call first to make sure someone is working customer service!

Precious was not at all helpful. *Side note, at least 5 other customers were turned away in the 5 - 7 minutes I was there.

User's recommendation: Shop somewhere else! Most stores value their customers, NOT Walmart.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: 1661 Jungermann Road, Saint Peter's, MO 63304

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I do not know why everyone is bothering to tell this woman she is wrong. She is too stubborn and immature to admit she is in the wrong.

Don't bother, you won't get anywhere. I may also quote her. She seems like a toddler fixated on a shiny object. She won't admit to being wrong because mommy never taught her.

I bet mommy accused the other kids of being bullies when she is the bully. She is the infantile buffoon, and if mommy is reading this and actually bothered raising this little brat right, she would be ashamed of how disgusting her daughter is.

Probably needs a good spanking. She may be too old to get spanked, but if she is going to act like and infantile buffoon, she needs one.


Wow I read all your responses to others. You accuse them of childish behavior.

Look at you. Name calling. Verbally attacking anyone who disagrees with you. If anyone is acting like a toddler it is you.

That is not the worst. The worst thing is that you took our your frustration out on your own grandmother. Someone toi weak to defend themselves. You robbed her of her money which she needed for food.

You just can't accept no for an answer. You always have to have your way. No wonder people think that you are a child. You behave like one you are the bully.

You have a lot of nerve to verbally abuse others then beat up your defenceless grandmother and call others bullies. You are a disgusting coward that would never pick on someone your own size. What do you do?

You beat up your grandmother for money. Sick.


Everyone you better agree 100 percent with this "woman" otherwise she will throw a temper tantrum and act like a toddler. It is a shame a "grown woman" acting like a two year old.


No, I made valid points. You have resorted to personal attacks no better than a schoolyard bully pitching a fit when you don't get your way.


You are the bully. You do not like being told that you are wrong.


She is the bully. Did you read her post about what she did to her grandmother because she did not get what she wants.

Then she blames Walmart for her violent outburst.

What a too. She is a two year old stuck in an adult body.


I think you are describing yourself. nice trying to pin your issues on me though. Real immature.


You are right, everyone else is wrong. Happy, not you can go back to your sad and miserable life.

What a tool you are. You accuse everyone of making personal attacks when it is YOU making them.

You call everyone a toddler, but you are the one pitching a fit when you do not get your way. I guess mommy raised you this way.


Ok you infantile buffoon, you came to my complaint, didn't like my account of a factual experience in Walmart and now you are attempting to bully me, harrassing and cyber stalking. What, do companies pay you to attack consumers who post complaints? Get a life moron.


PS Like I said. This incident made me so angry that I beat up my grandmother.

She ended up needing stitches thanks to them. The manager made me so angry that I beat up my frail grandmother.


She still is not happy. Even though you told her she is right and everyone else is wrong. She calls people infantile , and toddlers when she is the one throwing a temper tantrum like a two year old..


The only one that is bullying and resulting to childish name calling is you. The only one acting like a buffoon is YOU.

No one is being paid to attack customers with stupid complaints.

Stop lying. Mommy needs to give you a spanking for lying little kid.


Stop blaming them for your violent outburst towards your grandmother. You made the choice to beat her up because she refused to lend you money.

You obviously cannot take no for an answer. You are bullying several people here. GROW UP. You are an adult act like it.

You are throwing a temper tantrum and calling people names like a school yard bully. I feel sorry for your parents if they actually did teach you right from wrong.


When you made that false police report towards your boyfriend in anger he should have had you charged.


I agree


Store managers do not work 24/7, They do not live in the store, they have their own homes and families. Just saying. I do agree that they should have allowed the return, had someone else trained in returns.


Really? I never would have guessed manager were allowed a life outside their job position!

Sorry, don't mean to be sarcastic but it is the managers duty to ensure their store is operational and able to meet their customers needs above all other employees. This stores manager had to know there was a huge problem in the customer service department and did nothing to rectify the problem, leaving their customers literally holding the bag.

For simple numbers - 5 customers every 10 minutes turned away over peak hours 10 to 6 = 240 minimum disenfranchised customers. They had plenty standing around, but no one cross trained for that dept.


But kid I agreed with you on that fact that they should have someone in there to help you. Learn how to read, or get a parent to translate for you. The way you complained about the manager being at home makes it seem like you are a two year old kid who thinks that the manager lives lives in the store.


Original post mentioned the lack of a manager being in the store in passing. It was to bring awareness to the point they had no regard for their paying customers to resolve a staffing snafu, which is very much in their job description.

You seem to be fixated, like a toddler, on one small shiny object, unable to focus on the full picture. Me thinks thou doth protest to much, hmmmm maybe this is your professsion.

No matter. However just for you and your oh so quick wit, this manager failed in their basic resposibilities - providing customer service efficiently and effectively.


I am not the one acting like a toddler. You are..

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