Maple Grove, Minnesota

Twice in the last month I had to return an item for exchange, and waited at least 10 minutes to be taken care of. This happened both times while I brought something back.

I finally got to the counter while being helped what I think was a supervisor came up and pulled both employees from the counter leaving myself and another shopper at the counter to discuss who's turn it was to take a lunch and or break, this took sometime and they acted like there was no one at the counter.

That's not customer service which is the department I was in. I'm very disappointed in Wal-Mart.

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Here's an idea: Stop buying and returning things. Think before you buy something. Like any smart business, Walmart is going to put dedicate more employees to customers giving them money, not the ones that cost them money by buying and returning things.


walmart customer service is terrible. Returns at walmart are terrible.

The employees never seem to know what they are doing. Often having conversations with Management when doing a return and not doing it correctly.

Have never been to walmart when the line for returns isn;t 10 deep. Always takes over 30 minutes


Exactly what LTCC said, the OP sounds like a spoiled brat who never had to work in her life, imagine waiting a while ten minutes in line. Probably timed it so she would not miss her soaps.


Ever Stood for 8 hours in one spot with out a break? Regardless, of your little wait....the manager was looking out for his employees....ensuring they got a break.....stop being a pathetic whinner - not everything is about you. And no....I don't work for Walmart.....and yes...lines *** me off too...but I get over it


As much quality and service as Wal-Mart demands from their suppliers, it is disgusting to see the level of service and quality they give their customers... I have never had a satisfying experience at any Wal-Mart....

Poor Customer Service, dirty stores, poorly stocked shelves. The above reviewer is dead on.


It's just Walmart for fks sake. Dirt cheap stuff and the Employees don't get paid a living wage.

Boo Hoo, 10 minute wait? GASP oh the horror!

I appreciate saving money at Walmart and when I have to wait a bit, I appreciate the labor worker too - because that is what decent shopping citizens do, practice understanding and patience when you're in a Walmart return line and use your fknnng common sense and know you may have to wait more that 10 minutes. Now grow up and chill the f out.