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Shopped at store 8:45 9/13/16 and store had more employees than shoppers. Saw isle with clearance items. Asked employee Scott prices for 2 items that were last ones, not marked but looked priced low. He looked up prices and could not find item so gave me shelf tag and said register would honor price. Then, Maryann at register would not honor price. Called Asst Mgr Azukel who asked "who was employee to tell me that." I told him I would find him and did. Azukel said he would honor price, than changed his mind 15 minutes later and said it is up to manager and I can wait for him. This process was already over a half hour and I left without item angry at how I was treated (like a criminal) and complete waste of my time (over $2.00 difference). Called store to tell manager and after waiting on hold 15 minutes and no one came to phone, called back and was then told mgr was not in today but they had paged another mgr who did not answer either. Hung up after telling them to read this in Pissed Consumer.

I have spent tens of thousands in this store over the last 2 years and the treatment today over $2.00 was horrendous. Wrote them also but no reply yet!

Don't shop here until they fix their customer service!!! Shop small business, at least they care about the customer!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: apology by the employees who did this and item delivered to me for price I was told.

Walmart Cons: Customer service department.

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