Smyrna, Georgia
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i buy month ago fire place and it's not good i decide ti return it yesterday and (Walter) one of the customer Service Act Bad and Ignoring me when i was talking to him i cant believe that Walmart have the worst Customer Service He said that he cant fix it for me i didn't ask him to fix it i hate Walmart i don't thing i will buy any thing from them . Walmart Roswell GA Customer Service Name of the employee Walter He sad that he is the supervisor and He work with the Customer Service so i fell bad

Monetary Loss: $57.

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That comment was directed at nikalseyn BTW.


You used to work three until you git fired for stealing a pen. Or borrowing a pen as you called it.

John N

If you talk the way you type, I can most certainly understand why Walter ignored you. But, understand that WalMart really does NOT offer good customer service.

It's just "service" of some kind.

Usually pretty rude and inept. Best to shop elsewhere.


Wait. His reason for ignoring you was he was with another customer?

Are you ***? He was with another customer!

He doesn't know your problem will be quick.. Awfully rude of YOU to expect him to stop helping a customer for yourself...


I agree, in my days when two people were talking one waited until they were done talking to start a conversation.


It was rude for Walter to ignore you. I agree with that.

@rude Walter

Yeah he was pretty rude to me and should not be a supervisor, and his reason for ignoring me was because he was talking to another customer and I interrupted. Well I was in a hurry and just wanted him to do a simple thing.

I just wanted to return it. He ignored me until he was finished with the previous customer.

However he was taking forever with that other customer and should have helped me since it would have been something easy and fast to do. The worst is that customer was also rude to me and he did not kick him out of the store.

I have a feeling he made me wait until that other customer was done and ignore me because I am black.


Trolling...when does it stop??? The complaint is not real. Too obvious.