Charlotte, North Carolina

I had the worst expereince recently with Walmart's site to store service.

I placed the order so my cousin out of state could pick it up. When she arrived the store said they couldn't see her name in the system. Though she had the text verification, order # and I had the email confirmation showing her name. I called the store and was passed around 7 different times and to get the issue resolved. Each person said they'd help me and put me on hold. I finally asked for the manger who had to worst attitude. She never even came back on the phone after basically telling me I didn't place the order right.

I called 1-800-Wal-Mart as she instructed and tried to add the alternate pickup name. The rep said the name was already listed. My cousin went back to the store and tried again. The same manager said it wasn't there again. Only after she called the 1-800-Wal-mart number herself to verify did she allow my cousin to pick up the order. I understand her adhearance to company policy but my cousin had both the order number and text confirmation PLUS I was on the phone while she was there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pick Up Service.

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Walmart has proven over and over again (since Sam Walton died) that they are NOT in the business of customer service. In fact, I believe that they award their employees now by how many times they can make a customer feel like garbage before leaving the store. I don't shop there anymore, and I encourage my friends to be the same.


I am not a fan of WalMart and no longer shop there due to a total lack of customer service at the two stores in my area. However, they did do a fine job earlier this year when someone at a Disney store in another state apparently stole my wife's credit card number and used it to place an order online at with a requested pickup in a different state---like you.

However, someone in WalMart was suspicious due to the out of state pick-up request and called for verification. We told her it was fraudulant, etc. The order was cancelled by WalMart and we got a new card from the credit card company, etc. Thus, even tho their stores may be really messed up, at least someone at is on the ball and I give them credit for it.

In your case, you were being messed around by the local yokels at a WalMart store. Best to shop at another store to avoid this unpleasantness, even if you spend a couple of bucks more for an item.

Dealing with

WalMart is not worth it. They are arrogant and usually inept at any social graces.