Edmonton, Kentucky
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Management has told cashiers that if they are caught visiting with customers they will get coached. This evil goliath company makes it impossible for staff to do the job.

Yes there are associates that are just rude and do not need to be there but, the company is oppressive and you are damned if you do and damned if you do not. It is not all the staffs fault.

Keep in mind the compan you are complaining about they have no ethics and they care about nothing but the bottom line $$$$$$. That is the facts you can read it in the news or online.

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I do not live in your state, I am a previous walmart employee and yes this is what the walmart store where I worked is doing. I am not a chronic whiner about walmart I experienced the treatment for two years and know what I am talking about.

That is fine if the ones where you live do not do that but where I am they do. I am trying to enlighten the chronic walmart customer complainers about what staff is up against.


In my 72 years I have known several people that have worked for WalMart and they have never complained about any of the treatments that the customers complain about for the employees. Exactly what type of visiting are you talking about.

I would think it was improper for an employee to visit with a customer about personal matters, but about some of the merchandise if a customer asked a question, would be another matter. You sound like one of the chronic whiners about WalMart.