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I am demanding that the CEOOOOOOO of walmart handle this complaint. As this is the 2nd complaint in this area that I have submitted. The first was in manassas, va at the walmart of off liberia ave. Basically the person in the phone/music etc department could have cared less. As I was white and she was just doing her 8 hours "for pay of course" and then going to her 2nd job.

Now you have a store in this area, that has a BIGGGGGG PROBLEMMMMM, YES A BIG PROBLEM.

The store in fairfax off of rt 28 could not help me;

1. They didn't know what they were doing.

2. I was white.

3. They could have cared less period.

I was looking for vitamin waters. Yes vitamin waters. Thats WHAT THEY ARE CALLED PEOPLE, VITAMIN WATERS PERIOD, PLAIN AND SIMPLE FOLKS; vITAMIN WATERS. These managers (one was from india), even insulted me by suggesting something else, I said no. Can you read english what did I ask for.

They just couldn't understand english, plain and simple all alright. If I was black or hispanic I would have had no problem. I am demanding investigation into this and ppl terminated. I had a handicapped cart while i was in the store. I got up from the cart and told them to put the things in my cart away, as I was going to the CEO of the company and that there would be a change of personnel in the store. Discrimination cause I am white period.

Demanding an investigation. There is no day when they don't carry vitamin waters. They just didn't know what they were doing. I'm white what else folks alright

Marguerite G Kendall

571 264 6644

Walmart Pros: Did know what they were doing and cared less period.

Walmart Cons: Attitude of the personnel claiming to help me sucked.

  • Customer Service Sucked
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It's correct that the CEO couldn't possibly care less about you silly problem. You can write letters till you're blue in the face and all they will do is laugh at them.

You REALLY think they will replace all the employees at the store because of some ridiculous issue you're having with "vitamin water"? Whatever that is.


The CEO of Wal-Mart is so rich that he could use $100 bills for toilet paper. He doesn't have time to waste on your foolish complaints.


This made me laugh


Do you Really think that Walmart's CEO will contact you? The better thing to do is to Send Walmart Corporate Headquarter's a letter explaining your complaint.

Their contact information is either found on This website or on Their website. Or are you just ranting?