Waycross, Georgia

Wal mart store 0556 in Waycross GA

I bought my husband 3 pairs of Levi Strauss signature jeans 4/20/2009 to work in his auto repair shop. To make a long story short they would not exchange a pair of the jeans that had ripped.

They made the comment I did not purchase the jeans there (I had my receipt) because the upc code was different from the upc code on my receipt. They were very rude! I later pulled the 2 other pairs out and guess what they did not match my receipt. so they were tagged wrong.

I have certified a letter to the corp office and the manager and as of yet have not heard anything back. I just want people to know if you buy anything from Walmart check the upc code on the item and your receipt so you will not be humiliated as I was.

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so where was this rudeness, what this because you were told no. Then I guess when you asked if you can stay up and watch a movie your parents were rude to you and when you asked if you could have an extention on your product your fourth grade is rude to you.

Also since when do nine year olds get married. Is your husband nine as well?


Look I don't know what stunt you are trying to pull here, however when you scan something the UPC matches the receipt. Good try though.