Kansas City, Missouri
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Gardner Kansas Walmart dosn't care!

We spend thousands of dollars at walmart. Not at the Gardner store any more though. My wife went to return a pair of shoes on 03/20/08 at 8 in the morning and had to wait inline for 25 minutes because they were busy helping other walmart employees cash their checks instead of helping customers. They even opened a second register to cash more employees checks but no customer help. When asked to speek to a store manager come to find out the lady at the register was her!

Want good customer service Shop elsewhere.

Not even a "sorry"!

The Gardner Kansas store dosn't care about their customers. No wonder they have help wanted posted on the internet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I don't understand why Walmart has a 15 day return policy on printers. I was told that I can not bring it back even if it was not opened after 15 days.

They change that policy at Christmas because of gift-giving.

Will not buy electronics there any more. :?


We don't like the new 1 gallon milk jug. We got it at the Spanaway, Washington store.

The jug spills the milk it is clumsey and it's not even full so it takes up more room in fridge please go back to old style. Thank You!Charles


I work at walmart. Yes we cash our paychecks there just like the regular customers do, but we are off the clock on lunch or break.

We are not aloud to cash our checks when working.

So, that makes us a customer, just like you. Please be patient and wait in line like we have to do if we shop there or try to cash our checks or need to return an item.


That's Walmart. You're very ignorant to not even realize what that ***' corporation is doing to the world.

They hire thousands of people and work them like slaves.Walmart is the true thieves of American jobs. not the mexicans, like you ignorant hicks want to believe because you allow bigoted lawmakers to stuff it down your throats.