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I have been looking for a 47" Vizio 3D Smart TV and online at Walmarts website it shows 5 different stores saying they HAVE it in stock so I travel to the stores over a 100 miles ( I really want this TV) & NOT 1 of the stores showing that they have it in stock had the *** TV. I call the 800# and they tell me they cant do anything about it and that I should have called b4 driving there, what the *** is the point of having a web page showing if the unit is in stock if they havent even had it in stock for almost a week, ***!!!!!!!

Will NOT shop at Walmart EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $598.

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"Will NOT shop at Walmart EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!"

Most likely you will be back next week.


Ah common sense should set in and tell you that if you see it online why not just order it and have it sent to the store nearest you or to you house and stop complaining


Targets store locator items does the same thing. It shows on the locator and when you drive to the store no item at the store.

Call amazon maybe they will ship for fee and price match


I noticed the same thing , I am looking for the same tv , website says they have it and the stores say don't , I even called and the one stored told me yes we have one , i went to the store and when i got there they told me they did nt had one. WTH!!

They do not update their inventory like they should their website have been saying now for a couple of weeks they have this tv in stock but they don't . Walmart inventory system sucks bigtime.


Exactly what Heidi said.


A lot of the time the store inventory and the online inventory are two different systems. The store inventory is normall updated within a few minutes or right at the point of sale. The online inventory is normally updated every few hours if that.


Walmart sucks. Why do you think the family is the richest family in the world?

Because they give the best deals, or becuse the sell cheap junk and screw people over? try, at least they have great service. Or use BestBuy stores, NOT their website. Read the reviews of BestBuys wsebsite.

They suck too.

BestBuy has fantastic warrenties. (You have to but them) Opt out of Geek Squad installation though, they overcharge for poor service.


You will not be missed. Bye bye


So after the first store showed it was in stock and it wasn't there, you continued to travel to FOUR more without calling to check? Sure, the online system sucks, but that's no excuse for stupidity.

Shoulda called ahead, plain and simple. Woulda saved you tons of time and some gas money. By the way, you didn't suffer a "$598 Monetary Loss".

You didn't pay for the TV. you just drove around like a fool trying to find it.