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in Quebec, everything is going sour now their closing all cashiers entrance and pushing all customers to self check out units sorry but I refuse the WalMart policies to treat their customers that way if Sam Walter new that there is no doubt he would turn in his grave. Management needs to think twice because they are working to lose most of their customers and all be the first one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Listen you can whine all you like but there is a reality you are ignoring in favor of complaining. There are plenty of people who enjoy the self checkout.

I for one hate getting trapped behind some old person who has to buy a apple with a coupon and pocket change then return it. I’m not planning on spending a hour or more shopping and checking out. I normally only ever have a few items so why should I have to wait in a cashier line? Im not so much better then th employees that I can’t scan my own groceries.

I’m smart enough to figure out that I’m saving time by using self checkout. You can complain that YOU are doing their job but I would counter with so what. How many times previous to self checkout have you just thought YOU could do the cashiers job better? Well here’s your chance!!

Please try and understand that the world is moving on. That your antiquated notions are no longer the norm. Your insistence that they are bad somehow because they offer you a change is literally YOUR PROBLEM. This means you are elderly and probably easily confused.

Which is fine but please dont try and label something bad or wrong because of your intolerance to change.

YOU are not the ONLY customer in the world. Other actually like the change and ease of use.


Unfortunately more and more stores are doing this. I don't like them either and we will use cashiers as long as they are available.

When they get rid of all of them we will just adjust and use self checkout lanes.

Annoying but not worth freaking out over. We can't change it.


You can't have it both ways. You have to make a choice.

Either you get the lowest prices and the lowest service or if you want great service you will have to pay higher prices. The largest controllable expense a store has is payroll.

Cutting cashiers and adding self checkouts id the quickest way to cut payroll costs to keep prices low. The choice is yours, it's just a matter of what you are willing to pay.


yes, talk about prices this is no longer your number one feature like it uses to be, there is no douth in my mine this drastic change will not profit Walmart in any ways you will suffer the consequences, big-time peoples, will leave and not come back it already started.


If they can pay that ugly woman to stand there and give me the evil eye while I use the self-checkout machine, then they can pay that same ugly woman to check me out.