Baltimore, Maryland

I went shopping at the walmart store in fallston, Maryland. I asked the man in sporting goods to check the price on two differnt fishing reels that were not marked, which he told me the price.

After decided what I was going to purchase I ask if he could check me out or should I go uo to a regular check out, which he said he could take care of me. He rang up the items and he had me swipe my credit card and at this point he told me that manager had to come and cancel out the reels that he checked the price for me. At this time I told him that I had kids to pick up at the bus stop, so I did not have much time so could he call the manager because I needed to get going. I was told that they are automaticly are called and they would be there very soon.

After five minutes I told him again I needed to get going so just cancel the purchase or call the manager. I was told he needed a manager to cancel the purchase, but he did call for a manager. I waiting another five or ten minutes without a manager so at this point I walked to customer service and explained the situation and told them I needed a manager so I could leave and then walked back to sporting goods, well in about five more minutes a customer service manager named Diana finally showed up. I expressed my aggravation and told her my time was also important and I was now going to miss the school bus of my young children and all she had to say to me with a snotting attidude, do you want the purchase or not.

I did follow through with the purchase of $73.37 .

I did not get any type of apology from the maanager or explanation for the twenty minite wait. Please tell me why I should ever make another purchase from a Walmart if this is how they treat their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I agree with the other guy. If you don't have time to shop, don't shop. The customer service manager was probably busy listening to some other customer cry for 20 minutes before she could get to you.


shut up, you *** ***. next time, maybe you should care more about your kids instead of some fishing reels.

you could have just left and came back later. don't blame Walmart because you decided to be selfish before you had to pick up your kids. maybe the managers were busy with something else. they're not waiting in a cage and are let loose to go to you as soon as they're called.

so what are you gonna do tomorrow? eat at Applebee's a half hour before you have to pick up your kids and yell at the waiter or waitress because their food isn't cooked fast enough?