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i am upset because all walmarts cut their craft dept. down in size now i have to order alot or go hundred or more miles to get certain yarns dmc floss and crochet cottons we dont have any craft stores in are area anymore i know alot of unhappy people.

i would like to see more material styrofoam shapes aida clothes and craft ascessories. all the surrounding walmarts antigo rhinelander and minoqua made their departments smaller and is a waste of my time the nearest craft store is hobbylobby in greeenbay because we lost all our local craftstores i dont want to spend alot in gas or shipping to get what i need

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How many censored words did you have? And I need a life? Sorry you were so offended that I didn't bow down and tell you how right you are. If you didn't want people's opinion, you shouldn't have posted. Not everyone has to agree with everything that comes out of your close-minded head.

I guess I should have said "Golly gee you're right! Wal-Mart should keep unprofitable sections because of the tiny minority might miss them".

I was trying to give you a simple economics lesson. If that section was profitable, trust me, it would still be there. There is a reason why sections grow, shrink, and disappear. It's called meeting demand and making a "profit".

Your complaint is as valid as someone complaining Wal-Mart doesn't sell VHS tapes anymore. Your 0.30 ball of yarn wasn't bolstering the company's bottom line.


its more than a couple people and try not being a *** didnt know their were *** like you find something better to do with your time then watching what people write its because of people like you that people dont address their concerns or questions on the computer there is always a *** somewhere that needs a life


This is a ridiculous complaint. They cut them down because those departments weren't making any money.

If it were your business, you would do the same thing if you had one ounce of common sense.

Should they keep a whole section of items to make a couple people happy or use that space for something they can sell? Use your brain.