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On the day of Cyber Monday, we decided to purchase a lot of our family christmas gifts. We shopped smart and went for the best deals and prices on cyber monday.

Long story short the order was processed online, confirmation number was given, as well as the shipping and handling. Next day we found out the order was canceled due to credit card used claiming it was the wrong information or because each information enter had to be exactly the same meaning if it is capitalized on your card, you must enter the information capitalized. This was some real BullS$#t. I spoke with over 5 managers by phone and they all told me my information was correct but they can not process my order with the same sales.

I will have to purchase the same items regular price.

Thank you walmart for a great christmas.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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My story has the same feel.

12/20/2013 11:47 PM from you:

This is absolutely an unacceptable answer. You did not even address the fact that you dont email us to tell of any issue. If a customer didn't pass a security check, shouldn't you notify them? Wouldn't that be a good service to a paying customer. In reality, walmart just didn't want to honor its cyber weekend offers. I will be reporting walmart to the better business bureau as well as spreading this bait and switch illegal tactic all over the internet. You did not answer or attempt to appease a paying customer in any way. I will take my business as well as my companies elsewhere going forward. Congratulations, you managed to alienate your customer and drive them to competitors. This along with the extreme disfunction of the 40 different lines utilized on Black Thursday and management having no clue what line is for what just reiterates the mismanagement this company is undertaking. If your goal is for people to stop shopping at your store as soon as their economic level is high enough to allow them, you are succeeding.

Good riddance,

A ex Walmart shopper and tech savvy disgruntled squeaky wheel

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On Dec 20, 2013, at 9:18 PM, "Walmart Customer Care" <> wrote:


12/20/2013 11:18 PM from Walmart Customer Care:

Hi James,

We’re sorry your order was canceled.

Unfortunately, your order did not pass some of our security checks during processing. These checks prevent unauthorized use of your credit or debit card. An online order cannot be placed at this time, but you may purchase this product at your local Walmart store if it is available. Please reach out to your store to confirm if inventory is available.

Because your order was canceled, your bank will remove the authorization hold on your card. If it is not removed within 7 days, please contact your financial institution about their authorization policy as does not control the actual removal on your card.

If you have additional questions, please reply to this email or call us at 1-800-966-6546.

Sincerely, Customer Care


They only want to sell so many at the great price!! It has nothing to do with what you were told!

They are lying to you to get you off the phone. end of story.

I never use upper case when ordering for anything and walmart,target,cvs,walgreens,amazon,kohls,macys,bestbuy, dillards,fanniemay,verabradley,pacsun,levis,ralphlauren,potterybarn,sierratrading,gap,oldnavy,mikasa,lexon, always seem to send my items and they get charged to me correctly.


Apparently you don't use the space bar either.


What does the zip code have to do with anything. The point is even if I entered the wrong capitalization they should have given me the price.

My children are angry because now I won't be getting them any Christmas gifts thanks to them.

I had to tell them they were very naughty this year so Santa could not give them any gifts because of this failure.


You are really blaming Walmart and telling your kids that? Parent of the year goes to you. Just shop somewhere else tool bag.


This sounds like the same troll from the KMart boards who was claiming they were going to tell their kids they have been naughty which is why they didn't get any presents. I think this person is pulling our leg.


"Next day we found out the order was canceled due to credit card used claiming it was the wrong information or because each information enter had to be exactly the same meaning if it is capitalized on your card, you must enter the information capitalized."

This is called being case sensitive, even a 11 year old child knows you have to use proper capitalization. Don't blame them for your lack of understanding. If your kids should be angry at anyone it should be you.


How many do you want them to sell at a great price? Your zip code says you have more money to spend so guess what if you want your products you will pay more welcome to 2013!!