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10/11/15 I had oil changed from Walmart Supercenter. The guy suggested I should also get a fuel injection fluid. After the service they did I started my car the the "Check" engine light turned on, so I told the guy from Walmart to take a look he then told me that they don't handle and fix those codes came out from my engine. And told me I should go to auto shop. So then I took my car to "Cool Running Repair" auto shop. The mechanic told me that Walmart auto shop "the thing that was poured in the fuel tank caused the contamination of the fuel and screwed up the pump. He also said the light wasn't on before the oil pan was damaged"

After the guy from (Niel Morrison) Cool Running Repair fixed my car I went back to Walmart and brought my receipts from the Cool Running Repair and the receipt from Walmart and I told the store manager his name is Jeremiah Wood, he then said "that there's has nothing to do about the damaged when they did the oil changed and poured the fuel injection fluid in fuel tank.

The oil changed and fuel injection from Walmart cost me $55.88. BUT the damaged Walmart did I spent $475.55 to fixed my car. The store manage didn't refund me,so now the next step I will do is to file a complaint to Better Business Bureau... Walmart Auto Shop don't care if they damaged your card and they won't tell you if there's something wrong with your car.

I learned my lesson I will never go to Walmart Auto Shop ever again..

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I work for Walmart as a technician. However I highly advise against the fuel injection system.

Only because your vehicle does not state anywhere in the owner's manual to do such a service. Also the method used to administer the cleaner on the intake side of the engine is by removing the intake boot between the air box and the throttle body and placing a sprayer nozzle in line with the boot at the throttle plate. And then re installing intake boots around the nozzle and tightening down the clamp. These throttle body intake boots are not designed to be removed every oil change.

They are not designed to be removed unless there is significant mechanical work being done on that part of the engine. Also something to note here. While it is intake cleaner, it is flammable but not combustible. The engine has a very hard time idling because it upsets the mixture of fuel and Air.

However most of the shops will have an OBD2 reader were they can clear codes that might be caused by this service. However going through Better Business Bureau will likely not have the desired effects. Threatening lawsuit or going up above the shop manager or even the store manager will have a better outcome. On a side note.

If a technician is unable to remove a drain plug. They may use an evacuation system that sucks the oil out of the dipstick tube from the oil pan. So that might have been the case. However we do come across many many vehicles that were damaged at Mom and Pop shops and our records from when we last serviced vehicle to the current service has missing information as to how many miles have gone by since the last oil change.

So it may not something that we did on our end but something that may have occurred at another shop. But please don't get me wrong technicians do screw up from time to time. Human error is always a factor.

It is how well it is dealt with after the error has occurred. Whether a manager will step up to the plate and take care of business.


The intake boot is only removed for the fuel injector service. It is not removed every oil change.

The fuel injector service is recommended every 35k miles. Oil changes are recommended every 3k miles.


Thanks for sharing. The exact same thing happened to my vehicle at Walmart. So i'll assume it must be something they're hiding since the auto service lesson stated that this complaint NEVER happens.


DO NOT EVER GO TO WALMART FOR CAR SERVICE. Just got ripped off today.

I went to walmart to get an oil change. After 1 and half hour, they told me that they are denying me the service because they could not drain the oil because of damage in the oil pan. While I was waiting , I saw that they were doing something on my car for a long time. I suspected some wrong doing.

So, later I checked the oil and the oil was new/clean oil. So, I realized that Walmart changed may oil and damaged the oil pan. Now oil is leaking as well. I went to the manger and he told that they did not do anything on my car.

So, I asked them if they did not do anything, how did I get new engine oil on my car?, then they called another supervisor and talked behind the door and came up with another explanation. Now they are saying that they put a little bit of oil in my car, which is why the oil is clear.

Such a lie. I can’t believe that I have spent thousands of dollar in this store over the years.


to get your car I do agree with you to never go to Walmart to get your car serviced they damaged my car talk to me real bad then send me a letter and told me that if you viewed their video and their service tech did everything right how do I know that they review the video I didn't see the video all I know is my car was damaged and they sent me a letter said they were not going to honor my claim Walmart is the worst place you could ever go to to get anything done to your car and the service there is poor inside and out the store Walmart is the worst


Walmart has a fuel injection treatment made by valvoline. "The thing that they poured in your tank." is no different from one you would buy right off of the shelf I've gotten it done a few times to my car with no adverse effects.

Sounds like the mechanic took advantage of your lack of knowledge. I'm sure they will appreciate your continuing patronage.


To be honest are fuel injection cleaning service results will very . I'm up front on this when customers ask how good it is .Service Manager


Well, before you file that complaint you better learn a bit more about how a car engine works and what its ECU's Check Engine indicator means.

Now, the nature of Walmart injector cleaning process will, quite often, set off a MIL code - typically a mis-fire on one or more cylinders. It is normal, harmless, and quite common in under maintained vehicles.

It will clear itself automatically after about 100 miles of driving.

Oh, wait, what was that $475.55 for again? Seems to me your mechanic saw you coming, and so did the Store Manager.


Of course the store manager did not refund you, he saw through your scam. Good for him for not falling for your scam. Perhaps you can try the same scam at another chain?