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My information was hacked by a data breach of Walmarts company, Bonobos.

I have never dealt with Bonobos but Walmarts computer systems allowed the hackers to infiltrate buyer information within their main system. And my personal information was obtained and utilized fraudulently.

I contacted Bonobos and was referred to contact Walmart as the parent company.

I tried to contact Walmart to see what the company is doing to protect those who had their information stolen.

I was placed into a voicemail system that was absolutely abominable!

There is no Live person you can speak with and you can never get your issue rectified because the prompts DO NOT ALLOW you to ever get through this system. It is actually an endless circle that keeps you going around and around and you get nowhere. It is absolutely such a terrible thing for a large company to do. In fact it is like a joke but the sad thing is the joke is at the expense of customers.

I find this so inappropriate for any company to do this to people who did business with them.

I provided my information for a purchase which contributes to Walmarts viability. And my information was not protected and Walmart is not concerned about trying to correct the matter.

Or to even proactively offer some type of monitoring assistance for those individuals who were impacted by Walmarts weak computer systems. My information was used fraudulently....

How will this be corrected????

User's recommendation: What does Walmart think of their customers?

Preferred solution: 1 year of free credit monitoring of my information .

Walmart Cons: No resolution, Very poor customer service, Disrespectful to me, Personal information not protected.

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No one hacked your account. You were careless and gave away personal information, Or you are lying to get a year free of monitoring your information. Pay for it yourself.

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