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Oh and if a price rings up slightly higher than what you thought it was then we will change it for you. Don\'t come unglued about it, nobody likes a cheapskate.

If it is a big price difference and there is no sign proving it is that much lower than you aren\'t getting it for that price, end of story. You are trying to scam us and most of us are not idiots.

Spanish customers, stop trying to pretend you don\'t know english just to try to pull one over in us.

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As a longtime retail associate let me just explain the things you customers do that is ***, annoying and you need to stop.

1. No one is perfect, not even you. We do the best we can to please you and unfortunately we sometimes make mistakes. Accept our apology and move on.

2. If we don't have something, we don't have something. We mere store associates have no control over the inventory we have. Most retail places are chain stores and the head honchos at the corporate office control what inventory the stores get. We can order it for you if we can find it online or call around to other local stores to see if they have it, but that is the best we can do. Stop expecting us to be able to pull out a magic wand and just make things appear.

3. We can only hold things for so long. If you get unexpectedly tied up and can't make it to the store in the time you say you will be there, call and let us know and we will gladly continue to hold it for you. Don't come in a month later and get mad at us because we put it back on the shelf and it sold.

4. If you are calling us up from home or wherever to see if we have something in stock, don't get mad because we don't get to you right away or we put you on hold. We are not ignoring you, we are busy with other customers already in the store and ready to spend money there. You aren't the only person in the universe. You could also try getting off your 500 pound cheetoh eating *** and come in to the store and take a look for yourself. I have noticed some of these people who do this don't live too far away.

4. Stop trying to bring stuff back that you have used and you bought years ago and expect us to take it back and give you your money back. We are not a thrift store or a rent to own place.

5. We are not there to babysit you . It is your responsibility to bring the right stuff and be able to give us the right information so we can do whatever for you. If you don't like a certain rule or procedure then take it up with corporate. They are the ones that make the rules, not us.

6. Threatening us or trying to use bodily harm on us will land you in jail every time. Just because you are customer does not give you the right to break the law.

There's more, but that will do for starters.

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I work retail also and what you have posted is true, but I have also received very poor customer service from Walmart and with an attitude. Not just from one store.

But my biggest issues are with

All businesses have to remember, the consumers perception is real, no matter what the facts are. Change their perception and the company will have less problem customers.


thank you MsLea. when I'm out shopping, I'll be more than happy to know that psycho's like you will stop shopping at stores that don't bend the rules for low lives like you.


*standing ovation*


That's good MrsLea. I'd rather I don't have to deal with seeing people throwing fits in front of me when I'm shopping, or scammers that drive up the prices for everyone. I'm quite fine with not dealing with them.


An honest customer (unlike you)


And none of these customers you are complaining about have to shop in your store either.


This is all so true.


there's definitely A LOT more that can be added to that. like customers thinking a rebate is instant.


How many times can I 'like' this?

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